Our recap of Drupal Camp Belgium 2018

As the days are getting colder and darker and the year is reaching its last month, we know that it's that wonderful time of the year again: Drupal Camp Belgium. As this is a homegame, we try to attend this event with as much people from our team as possible. Also this year we had once again the honor to have two speakers during this Drupal event. We are very happy to look back to this successful event in our recap.

Drupal Camp Belgium 2018
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Drupal Camp Belgium is for many (international) people one of the camps to look forward to. With an increase of 174 % (290 attendees), it was quite obvious that this year was a tremendous success of Drupal Camp Belgium. The Reference was also present this year with four colleagues: Peter Vanwijck (Functional Analyst), Nick Daelemans (Lead Drupal Developer), Frederik Vanhooghten (Drupal Developer) and myself: Levi Govaerts (Drupal Solution Architect). During the event our team has attended various interesting sessions with topics such as "Advanced SOLR", "Quick wins for an accessible website" and "Being more human, taking Open Source, Agile and Cloud beyond tech!".

Drupal Camp Belgium 2018
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During the evening of the first day of the camp, we attended the Dinner with Drupalers. This was a cool idea found by the organising team where we had dinner in various restaurants in Ghent without knowing upfront who we would meet. I had the honour to had dinner with friends from UK and the Netherlands. After the dinner we attended the social event that was hosted in a unique location called "Ray" in Ghent.

Drupal Camp Belgium 2018
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During the second day, it was showtime for both Nick Daelemans and myself as we presented a session about "Setting up a No-Ops project using Lando, GitLab and". That does not ring any bell? Let me summarise what we have talked about in a few words:

In a fast evolving digital world, your teams need evolve together with you. Is your development team still using XAMP for setting up a local environment? At the beginning of a project; do you still spend hours in order to get your DevOps flow ready? It's time for a change.

During this session we covered the following topics:

  • Tell you more about Lando: how it works and why it's cool
  • Explain GitLab pipelines and why you should make use of them
  • How you can easily spin up extra environments
  • Improving the quality of your project

If you are not using GitLab or, you still might be interested in joining the session as these are just example services.

The session was also attended by several architects from our hosting partner After the session they let us know that they were flabbergasted by our creativity and told us that we brought the setup of a project to a whole new level. That is quite a compliment given that they are the most experienced DevOps architects I know.

In conclusion: we learned a lot during this successful event and had a wonderful time meeting all these international people. We're looking forward to next year's edition.

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