The internship report of Liese

During the interesting weeks of her internship Liese was able to dive into the world of the Perform Team at The Reference.

7 weeks...

Full of excitement, and secretly very nervous, that’s how I started my 7 weeks of internship at The Reference. At university, professors already juggled with the terms SEO, SEA and Google Analytics. But how we needed to put all these fancy terms into practice was never discussed. Time to change that and to learn how to, in the real working world.

I made a great choice in terms of the company for my internship: at The Reference you get lots of guidance. In need for more training for social advertising? No problem. A lesson in the basics of Google Adwords? You just say the word.

I learned so much more than at my university thanks to the combination of good guidance and being able to perform all that I learned in practice.

Not everything went smoothly in the beginning but even that was not a problem. Trial and error, baby.

Barely able to choose…

Also important to know: I did NOT have to 'go and get coffee' for anyone, not once. I was involved in whatever I wanted to learn. Even though it was difficult to choose: SEO, social advertising, content marketing or rather Google Analytics or SEA? I tried to learn from as many domains as possible, but there is just so much to learn. Luckily there are more than a few online marketing consultants who are real experts in their field, at The Reference, so for every question they had an answer. Which is handy for a newbie who was lost all the time during the first days.

out of all the engaging educational stuff


The most stressful time? When they tell you on your first day that in the afternoon you can come with them to a meeting with clients. How's that to impress someone on a first day at work. First day ever! (Looking back there was nothing to worry about, it was very instructive and engaging.)

The most interesting thing about this job? One day you are working for a client from one industry and the next day you work for a totally different company! That’s why I’m very glad I chose a digital agency as internship, because of the endless variety. Every project you contribute on is for real (and big) clients, so all the work you do, is actually used. 

All good things come to an end, but luckily I have learned more than a lot during those seven short weeks. I’m still far from being an online marketing wizard. Therefore the period was, unfortunately, too short. To say it in the Titanic style: it is only the tip of the iceberg. Luckily I have learned to find it a very interesting iceberg, so I will immerse myself further in the wonderful world of online marketing. Thank you very much, The Reference, for the interesting internship and guidance!

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