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During the DUUGfest (Dutch Umbraco User Group) the second keynote of the day was by Jonathan Mills about keeping up with the fast pace of the development world. The most interesting thing was the difference between knowing something and knowing about something. Since the digital world is moving so fast, it's impossible to know everything in to detail, but you have to know the things that exist, so you know when to use them and you can dive deeper into them when you need it.

Full Stack Umbraco Developer

Projecting this onto Umbraco, I've stumbeled upon a tweet about what it means to be a full stack Umbraco developer. The mind map is huge, but these are things we need to know about, not all things we need to know in detail. Furthermore is specialisation important. At The Reference we compose a team of people for every project. This makes sure that for example the back- and front-end developers only needs to know about HTML, CSS & JavaScript, making the project is guaranteed high quality, easily maintainable afterwards and delivered in time.

Full-Stack Umbraco Developer



A great way to start, is to get official training by an Umbraco training specialist and get certified at the same time! This can be on-site or now even online. At the moment, The Reference has 1 Umbraco Certified Master and 7 Umbraco Certified Professionals, and more to come soon.

Umbraco Certified Master Umbraco Certified Professional

So, how to know about Umbraco things

We already knew the site since it contains downloads, documentation and packages, but it is also worth to keep an eye on the forum, as they say to be the "The friendliest CMS community on the planet". It's the place where we feel at home, post our questions after searching for existing topics and try to help other people with their unsolved topics. is the self-proclaimed “front-page of the internet”. It is a community-driven site collecting all the most interesting news per topic, which can then be voted up or down by members. We follow the community r/UmbracoCMS/, but there is a wide variety of other.

For the technical side of developing websites or developing anything else actually, StackOverflow is a broadly used source to find solutions to our problems or help others out. Scrolling through the list of questions for the Umbraco topic also allows us to learn from others or be inspired to try something out.

Several social media platforms are omnipresent in our lives. Lots of people from the Umbraco community are also present there. They tweet, share blogs, news and many more. Find them, follow them and interact!

Podcasts & Videos

Podcasts are a good way to quickly get an update on what's happening in a community. For the Umbraco community, there is a very nice initiative by Marcin and Callum, who stream "umbraCoffee" live on YouTube every Friday starting at 12:30 CET.

Umbraco.TV is a good starting point for everyone new to Umbraco. With a wide range of videos for content editors, implementers and developers. As an Umbraco Gold Partner we have full access to all videos, but if you're new you can start with the free videos and get a subscription afterwards.


Within the Umbraco community there are quite some events that you can attend. As a company we have been present at Code Garden 2018 in person of Davy Lowyck, which is the summit of Umbraco events as it's the biggest Umbraco conference in the world, lasts 3 full days and is hosted by Umbraco HQ itself in their home Odense in Denmark. Apart from this there are Umbraco Festivals organized all over the world (Australia, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands, USA, UK, Denmark and Sweden) by the local Umbraco User Groups yearly. And if that's not enough, the local user groups also keep a number of smaller meet ups to share knowledge.

Sessions at an event are mostly picked based on interest in a title or short description, but sometimes it can be a good idea to pick one that doesn't immediately appeals to you. It will, most of the time, at least give you something to think about or trigger you to try something new out which might come in handy later.

As Thomas Lepouttre already mentioned in the general DUUGfest blog post, another plus point is that events are a good place to network with people from Umbraco, other companies developing packages and developers from other companies.


Slack is a team messaging platform. The Umbraco slack has over 1000 members of which at least 140 are active weekly. It's a good place to ask quick questions. Ask for advice or post a poll for example.


Umbraco is a flexible CMS backed up by the fantastic Umbraco community. Which is a great place to be and provides an excellent environment to build high quality sites.


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