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Millennials. They’re described as the privileged snowflake generation that doesn’t live to work and wants more free time than the average retiree. Yet, none of that is true. They’re just a new generation with its own standards, hopes and worldviews. Of course, as a business that means you’ll need different tactics to approach them, which often seems to be a very complex matter for brands that consolidated during the generation of the baby boomers or generation X.
But hey, we’ve got good news for you. It’s not difficult to reach millennials. It’s just … different. Many brands are used to throwing their products in people’s faces, no questions asked. The new generation, however, also cares for the values of a brand's product. They care for the planet and its occupants – all of them. Which means that, if you made a mistake as a brand once, it probably will be held against you. Accountability is big. Transparency is key. And as a business, you should take up on that responsibility if you want to keep selling your products or services in the future. 


As millennials thrive on both emotion and ratio, you must connect with them as a brand on both levels. I’m sure your product or service is excellent. But how does it impact the environment? How will you make a difference as a brand? Do you value what your prospects value? Or do you step on what they deem important? If your views as a brand don’t align with your millennial prospect’s views, you may want to reinvent yourself (read: you must).

Talk to millennials  … through millennials

It’s difficult to get a generation that is entirely different than yours. If you want to speak millennial lingo, you must understand them. And that’s why every business needs at least one millennial in their (marketing) team. By hiring someone from that generation, you make it possible to use the right approach. Nothing worse than trying too hard, failing and being humiliated as a brand on all the social channels (which believe us, could happen very easily). 

This is 2020. Start the new decade by trusting the new generation to take care of the future. Share your worldviews and business tactics with millennials, while you also learn from them. Combine efforts and become invincible. And lucky for you, we just happen to have many millennials who’re eager to help businesses move towards the future. 

Want to reach, teach & get taught by millennials? Come & talk to us, we might just have “the one” for you. Check out our amazing On-Site consultants (they also come in other generations). 

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