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The Reference defines the strategic lines and takes complete responsibility for online marketing. We also conceive, implement and maintain websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms, Internet of Things systems and other digital initiatives that contribute to the success of your company.

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Blog Creation and implementation
April 6 2021
How to decide on your Minimum Viable Product

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Everything is in constant evolution. Technological innovations, globalization and new regulations are constantly destroying old monopolies and leveling the playing field for newcomers to enter your market. Standing still often means losing market share, and time to market is getting more and more critical for many projects. Still, very few projects get unlimited resources, even if they are of strategic importance. Most certainly, you will be facing constraints on timing, resources, budget or scope and you will need to make some difficult choices if you want to deliver on time. This is where a minimum viable product (MVP) comes into play.
Blog Creation and implementation
March 16 2021
What is a headless CMS?

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If you're in the market for a content management system (CMS), chances are great you've heard the term headless or decoupled floating around. Companies like Kentico Kontent and Contentful leverage this form of content management to the maximum and are joined by brands like Drupal, which have been around for a bit longer. But what is it exactly? In this blog post, we'll explain you what it is and why it can bring enormous benefits to you and your business. First up: the concept of headless and why it's a little like your phone charger. You heard that right, your phone charger. 
Blog Creation and implementation
February 23 2021
How to build a new website in 15 minutes

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This might sound familiar to you: “We have a sprawl of small websites created by various departments within the company. They all use different technologies and varying hosting solutions.” This is a nightmare for IT departments that want to keep an overview of all platforms and technologies used in name of the company. And your marketing department probably does not like it either, as they prefer an overall branding and communication strategy.
It's more than digital, it's your business
The Reference is nothing without its customers. Melexis is the stock market-listed global player in the semi-conductor and sensors industry for whom we facilitated future company growth by updating the brand, building the completely new corporate website and giving shape to the use of online channels. Read more about this client.