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Turning media budget into integrated ideas across all digital channels.


Whether your company is looking for a lead generation strategy, always-on visibility or a big omnichannel brand campaign, our digital strategists and channel experts are keen on creating a well-designed digital media plan that reaches your goals.  

At The Reference, we provide a full service online advertising offering from concept & strategy to execution, reporting & continuous optimization. 


  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Display & video advertising
  • Social Advertising 
  • Mobile Advertising  
  • Programmatic Advertising 
  • Native Advertising

What can The Reference do for me?

Our experts will assist you at every step of the way.  Whether it is about designing the perfect digital media plan or executing your entire digital communication: we know the ropes. We have a well-balanced team of creatives, performance marketers & digital strategists that will take your online advertising to the highest level. 

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Blog Digital marketing
July 11 2019
Sitecore Personalization: the What, How and Why

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Let’s be honest… showing the same content to every website visitor is a bit like serving the same meal for dinner every day. And for breakfast and lunch. Today’s digital marketing is all about context. The more you know about the context of your visitor, the more relevant you can make the experience. But how do you make this happen?
Blog Digital marketing
June 25 2019
Increase your keyword coverage with Dynamic Search Ads

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Every second 63.000 searches pass through Google Search. That translates to an unfathomable amount of keywords, which companies can use in their targeting when selling products and services through search ads. This means that it would be extremely labour-intensive  – not to say impossible – to manually implement and maintain all the keywords that people use on a daily basis and that are  - on top of that - relevant to your business in your search campaigns. However, the fact that you target a specific set of  keywords in your standard search campaigns, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the huge untapped potential of relevant traffic that falls outside of your targeting. This is where Dynamic Search Ads can bring salvation!
Blog Digital marketing
June 4 2019
Google Retail Seasonal Summit

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On May 28, The Reference went to Google's Retail Seasonal Summit. We gathered best practices and insights on seasonal events and got up to speed with the latest innovations at Google. Because being well-prepared should result in successful & future-proof campaigns.
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  • Social Advertising
  • Affliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
It's more than digital, it's your business
The Reference is nothing without its customers. Melexis is the stock market-listed global player in the semi-conductor and sensors industry for whom we facilitated future company growth by updating the brand, building the completely new corporate website and giving shape to the use of online channels. Read more about this client.