Digital transformation

We help businesses cope with the fundamental changes brought on by digital.

But whatever triggers the need for change, we’ll focus on these key areas:

  • Improving the customer experience;
  • Increasing the in-company innovation levels;
  • More leads and sales growth;
  • Improve the marketing ROI;

In today’s fast changing environment, your customers are at the steering wheel. Yet, to stay relevant, focusing on customer needs and wants is not enough. Customer frustrations and points of friction must be removed for you to thrive. To lead, you must develop the capabilities to detect, create and serve new markets.


Creating your Digital roadmap together

Partnering with us means we will closely collaborate on:

  • Taking a step back and looking at what is really happening in and around your business;
  • Discovering and exploring unmet needs and wants by taking a deeper look at the customer experience from the customer point of view;
  • Creating a customer centric/data driven framework to measure and validate our improvement efforts (aligning the objectives);
  • Merging innovations, disruptors and threats (inspiration) into the above insights.

We’ll refresh your way of looking at things and discover thrilling opportunities for growth. Together, we will reshape the world.

We develop the roadmap for change on the rhythm of your organization.
To execute fast, we start with small business POC’s (IMUNA) (see visual create with James for the POC’s). Successful POCs evolve into full-scale initiatives, and eventually result in true change.
Starting small is the perfect way to generate traction in the organization. We make sure successes are shared internally and that the impact on customers and your business is always measured.
This in turn inspires colleagues and sends new, positive vibes through the organization, providing oxygen for the next (big) steps. Together, we set in motion a cycle of permanent change.

Organize for change, organize for the future

Just like digitization itself, there is no end to building a digitally integrated business

Making digital reality part of your business' DNA is an organizational challenge. You’ll need new capabilities, new skills, new roles. The digital mindset needs to be present in the entire organization.

Our experts tackle these challenges together with you, helping you create a new organization design with new governance models, renewed responsibilities and different forms of ownership. 

As a full-service agency, you can count on us to perform the change management required for your company’s successful digital transformation.

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October 1 2019
You don't know what your customers want, do you?

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To stay relevant in a digital world, your organization needs to be resilient and always prepared for change. B2B buyers, who are researching business challenges, do their research 68.5% of the time exclusively online. Only 31.5% is using traditional channels.* It is therefore imperative that your digital channels need to be fully aligned with your customers’ goals and contexts. To stand out in today’s markets, organizations must show deep understanding of their customers’ needs and offer compelling digital services that cater to these needs. But where to start?

We are very happy with the end result of the new website. The passion, commitment, perseverance and wide range of expertise of the team at The Reference confirms that they are the right digital partner for us, now and in the future; a partner who can support us from digital strategy to implementation and further optimisation of our services. - An Van Sande, Corporate Marketer DELA

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It's more than digital, it's your business
The Reference is nothing without its customers. Melexis is the stock market-listed global player in the semi-conductor and sensors industry for whom we facilitated future company growth by updating the brand, building the completely new corporate website and giving shape to the use of online channels. Read more about this client.