March 12 2020

The Reference Antwerp relocates to Zénobe Grammestraat

The Antwerp offices of The Reference have been relocated to a new location closer to the Antwerp Berchem railway station and the E19 motorway.

the ref antwerp

For years, the Antwerp branch of The Reference was located in the northern part of the city, in the Duboisstraat 50, close to Park Spoor Noord. The team has now moved to the Zénobe Grammestraat 34, on the other side of the city.

The relocation comes with a clear advantage: the Antwerp offices of The Reference will now be more easily accessible both by train and by car. The Zénobe Grammestraat is only a five minute walk from the Antwerp Berchem railway station, and is located in between the Berchem ramp and the Borgerhout ramp to the E19 motorway. As a nice bonus, the new offices are a short walk away from the idyllic Groen Kwartier.

If you ever need to visit one of our three offices in Antwerp, Ghent or New York, you can find the correct address on our contact page.

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