Institute for Business Development

The Institute for Business Development (IFBD) offers more than 400 management courses to boost your career. The Reference has combined several intelligent digital marketing techniques with a fresh and creative concept to generate the biggest increase in the number of enrolments in years. 

The Challenge

IFBD's aim was to create an online B2B story, based on six topics, five partners and a new visual identity. On top of this, The Reference wanted to increase the organic reach by 10% (YoY) and the organic enrolments by 20% (YoY). 

The Institute aims to be original, non-stop, curious, creative, recognisable and interactive. Using these distinctive characteristics, our creative team came up with a concept with the following slogan: ‘IFBD ... business talent’. The gap is filled with a suitable word.

The Solution



The creative concept emerged from the ideas outlined above. We used metaphors from the animal world to link every slogan to a suitable campaign image. In other words, every slogan was connected to an animal. For example, with the slogan ‘IFBD trains business talent’, we used the image of a dog. The verb ‘to train’, or rather ‘to be trained' is of course what motivates a dog. Because the company wants to look professional, the dog is also wearing a man or woman's business suit.


Using the VePrompt tool, we make it possible to convert people who only partially complete their enrolment for a course. Naturally, we do this by alerting them with a suitable message (pop-up window).

The Result

  • Periodic content publication with outbound links quickly resulted in a boost to the average rankings.


  • The organic reach (+ 17.3%) and online enrolments through organic traffic (+ 33.93%) exceed the predefined objectives.
  • Overall, online enrolments increased by 17% in 2016
  • In particular, there has been a growth of 90% in organic brochure downloads



The Institute for Business Development is a company offering B2B courses. The company has been helping people and organisations to move forward for over twenty years. It achieves this by offering training sessions and workshops that are perfectly tailored to its customers. Besides this, IFBD keeps an eye on economic trends and the evolution of the business climate. This allows the company to provide courses at the right time that are relevant to organisations and their employees.

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