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Philip Cracco (former CEO The House of HR) and Conny Vandendriessche (Boardmember of The House of HR) together founded Accent Jobs in 1995.  Selection and interim office Accent Jobs grew fast and opened new (specialised) interim offices each year.

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May 13 2016

Find your dream job faster with the new

Ghent, May 13 2016 – The Reference, full service agency in Ghent, created a new responsive web platform for Accent Jobs: The website has a new, fresh look and was built on the state of the art Sitecore Experience Management System. Sitecore combines powerful content management functionalities with effective customer experience management. From now on, temporary employment and recruitment & selection specialist Accent Jobs can better handle segmented and personalized contacts. Online interaction with candidates and companies has improved. In addition, the operational efficiency of the website was significantly increased.

accent jobs site 

Accent Jobs, not just any temporary employment agency. provides temporary work for both blue-collar and white-collar workers, often with an option for a permanent contract. The company combines the flexibility of an interim system with the qualities of a selection agency. That way you select the best suitable candidates who fit perfectly into a corporate culture and additionally develop a stronger bond with their employers. An approach that clearly pays off, because Accent Jobs is growing rapidly and currently has some 200 offices in the country, with more than 800 employees.
Accent Jobs always sets the bar high. This was also the case for their new online platform. Some time ago, The Reference was asked to translate the unique DNA of the company more explicitly to online. It was immediately clear that the digital channels of Accent Jobs needed to be deployed more efficiently and needed to become more customer focused to increase brand awareness and customer intimacy. Additionally Accent Jobs wanted to improve knowledge about candidates, but also an enhanced inflow and more efficient service towards the customers. An exciting challenge for full service agency The Reference, known for its integrated and business-oriented approach., not just an interim and selection site.

When designing the new responsive website The Reference first and foremost devoted a lot of attention to increasing conversion rates on tablet and smartphone. As traffic via mobile devices continues to increase, responsiveness was a must. Forms were also subjected to a thorough mobile makeover so that visitors can easily submit their applications, on any device. Candidates can register anytime and anywhere now, they can save searches, apply and set alerts. Within the new personal 'MyAccent' environment, you can manage your current applications very easily.

To build a meaningful relationship with candidates and companies, Accent Jobs, along with new tools and enhanced convenience on the website, also wants to offer personalized and relevant content. Therefore Sitecore 8 was chosen for the foundations of the website: the latest version of the state of the art Experience Management Platform. This makes it possible to choose a different approach, and thus launch several messages for different audiences. B2B vs. B2C is an obvious example, but Accent Jobs can now also create a personalized experience for the users, based on their region and sector level profile.
New attractive designs and video enhance customer intimacy. On the other hand real-time links with existing business applications provide for improved operational efficiency. The job offer and details of candidates and companies become even more easily accessible to all firms and consultants. They can now more quickly match the right candidate to the right job. The renewed is the central place to collect, enrich and deepen data. Accent Jobs is totally up to date with the new Customer Experience Management trend!

Jérôme Caille, CEO of Accent Jobs says:

"Given that the process of applying for a job is being reinvented, we really believe that a personal approach provides an important added value. It makes a dynamic interaction between our consultants, on the one hand, and the candidates and companies in our portfolio on the other, possible. This is the unique key to allow a personalized approach and to facilitate contact with all parties. The job search process has thus been transformed into a positive experience for our candidates. Candidates, especially those within ‘generation Z’, expect a ‘phygital’ experience that combines the speed and power of digital recruitment with the coaching of our consultants to connect them to the best job opportunities that fit their profile. Our new website is an important milestone in this ‘phygital’ strategy."

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The Reference is nothing without its customers. Carglass is the car window repair and replacement specialist for whom we've built a fully responsive Sitecore website. Read more about this client.