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‘GoneWest’ is an initiative of the Belgian province of West Flanders, with the financial support of Tourism Flanders (impulse program WW I-events ‘100 years of Great War’). ‘To go west’ is an old English (Celtic) expression and means ‘to die or to go to the west, this is the way of the dead, along with the setting sun’. The expression was massively used by soldiers and ‘War Poets’ and got a very literal meaning because the allied front was present in the western part of the western Front. Fallen heroes were literally brought to the west. On top of that, the war zone in Belgium, with the German invasion, moved from east to west through the country, after which the battle remained blocked for four years in the ‘Westhoek’ area. The cultural-touristic program that will commemorate, in a contemporary and multidisciplinary way, 100 years of Great War in West Flanders, has therefore been given the name ‘GoneWest’. This cultural-touristic commemoration program connects numerous life stories with a sound historical awareness. GoneWest unlocks these small and big stories through music, dance, theatre events, literature and the visual arts.

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June 4 2014

The Reference 'Goes West'

GoneWest is an ambitious project of the province of West Flanders for the commemoration of the ‘Great War’, 100 years ago. It’s a very busy cultural-touristic program, built around a number of important historical events and commemorating moments that will take place throughout the entire region of West-Flanders. The calendar of this first year’s program can be consulted online on The Reference is honoured to be to be the agency that gets to build the responsive Drupal platform for this initiative and that will also develop the Customer Relationship Management. The Ghent-based full service agency was chosen because of its extensive experience with complex Drupal and CRM integrations and its pragmatic approach to this challenging project.


For the Drupal expert centre of The Reference, regarding the technical development, the GoneWest project already started in 2014 and it will extend up to the end of 2018. The GoneWest project is a large and complex project. After all, on the one hand, it contains the creation of a complex database structure for multiple purposes: both for the content of the different events but also as a central CRM database for monitoring the participants, employees and visitors. All applications will be able to rely on this database for the management of (personal) data in a broad sense. (Registration on the website(s), subscription to newsletters, information about the users, information about the participation in the activities, activating the participation of the citizens…) On top of all that, MeasureMail will be used to spread the email information and newsletters from the organisation.

On the other hand, a portal site will be created including several dedicated sub-websites for each of the different cultural events that will take place over the next few years. This site will also be a media portal and will also be used for the internal organisation. For this responsive website, the open source content management solution Drupal was chosen as CMS. Drupal is a modular product that continues to evolve. This makes it the safe choice for the future of this long-term project. On the basis of a thorough functional analysis, the information-architecture was meticulously designed. In addition to this, The Reference, known for its integrated approach, right away proposed a search engine friendly design with the necessary attention for SEO. The beautiful, serene design that was proposed, the proven experience of the Drupal expert centre and, on top of all that, the clear action plan that was proposed, convinced GoneWest to pick The Reference and its solution as the best way to assure the best digital presence of the memorial program.

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