February 22 2012

A unique new site concept for Bekaert

The Reference was asked to build the corporate site for Bekaert a little while ago. The world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings considers its website to be a continuous investment. Web agency The Reference assisted to further optimise the user experience on the site.

The overall focus was to identify specific types of users and their needs and expectations. With these particular audience profiles in mind, we were then able to build highly personalised homepages, which were entirely integrated into the existing site. This unique concept allowed Bekaert to further develop its site in line with user needs.

An innovative concept

The website was developed in the highly user friendly content management system (CMS) 'Sitecore'. After a detailed analysis of all metrics gathered over the past three years, site users were divided into three well-defined 'persona': visitors looking for general information, customers, investors, applicants, press etc. Each of these user groups were then categorized into different profiles based on the particular functionalities that the users find most useful.

With the idea of building a homepage that users can easily adapt to their own needs, an innovative concept was born using the latest technologies such as html5, CSS3, scripting etc. A slider with updates and graphic headers created a highly tailored style and atmosphere, which resulted in a fresh and unique look across the entire site. By closing the fold of the drop-down-menu, the content of each page receives finally the full attention of the user.

Building your very own homepage

The 'customise your homepage' functionality allows its users to 'select' and 'drag & drop' most interesting or desired information, repositioning the content according to their own preferences.

"The metrics show a uniform pattern for the 'customer journey' across most of the - whether or not returning - visits. This means that users tend to navigate in similar ways throughout the different pages on the Bekaert website. Together with The Reference, we aimed to further improve the existing site and make most desired information readily available to the user. Besides offering the possibility to select exactly which content sections should be most visible, users can also steer the precise content itself. For instance, when it comes to news items, visitors are able to select the specific topics they want to have integrated into their personalised homepage. The content 'blocks' can then be repositioned according to the user's preferences. Although we provide detailed suggestions when it comes to personalising their homepage, each user has complete freedom when it comes to assembling their page. All of this is possible even without logging in, as the information is stored in a cookie, which guarantees the homepage to be restored for each following visit. This is a unique customer-focused concept that our users will most definitely appreciate", says Stephen Delvoye, eCommunication Manager at Bekaert.

It's more than digital, it's your business
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