January 30 2014

The Reference provides credit ensurer Credendo Group with new powerful online communication tools

Ghent, January 30th 2014 – Credendo Group is a credit insurer that is active on the European mainland. Credendo Group is guided with firm hand from the heart of Europe, namely Belgium, this to meet the expectations of companies wishing to export to emerging markets. The company resulted from the Belgian ‘Office National du ducroire| Nationale Delcrederedienst’. It developed, via the establishment of branches abroad and majority stakes in 13 countries, into a European group. The group is active in all segments of credit insurance and offers a range of products whereby risks all over the world are covered. In order to make a more unambiguous and more powerful communication possible, all companies and brands were consolidated under one visual identity and endorsement: ‘member of the Credendo Group’.

The experts at The Reference took the new multilingual website of this young brand on their behalf. A Java-based responsive platform sets now the in-depth expertise of the Credendo Group on the foreground and offers its customers a quick and user-friendly access. In addition, the Ghent full-service agency also worked on the group intranet and renewed the e-mail campaigns.

Creating chances in an insecure world

The baseline of Credendo Group is the following: ‘Turning uncertainties into opportunities’. This is what the company has been doing since its foundation by the Belgian state. Credendo Group makes the difference thanks to its teams of experts who examine the figures to the situation on the ground. ‘This specialization in the emerging markets is in our DNA. Today, this is a distinct advantage because the worldwide growth is now centralized there’, emphasizes Nabil Jijakli Secretary-General of the Credendo Group. ‘ Credendo group becomes engaged to meet the demand of our clients who venture outside the traditional Eurozone. We can cover risks that may not seem to cover at first sight thanks to the sharp analyses of our teams and their specific knowledge of the local context. So Credendo group helps his clients to put uncertainties into opportunities to do business in the emerging markets’, says Nabil Jijakli. In order to convey the shared values, strengths and the ways of doing business even more powerful it was opted henceforth to communicate under a single identity. This, of course, requires also an online translation.

The Reference ensures maximum visibility for the know-how of Credendo Group

Credendo GroupForm was given to a new design and a new look and feel for the brand via a close collaboration with the brand agency of Credendo Group. The Reference has built a multilingual responsive website, based on Java. This new website puts the know-how of the credit insurers at the disposal of the customers within a few mouse clicks (or ‘swipes’ on a tablet or smartphone). The thorough analysis of countries at risk, for example, can be viewed in real-time on a world map and can be consulted in-depth for each country. The newsletters that focus on political and commercial risk analysis of selected countries were also given a new look. Additionally, The Reference was responsible for the new Java-based intranet of Credendo Group. This internal information – and knowledge management system strengthens the group feeling and is used as an internal communication tool. The ‘Who is Who’ but also the sections for internal knowledge, news and events are an important contribution to the optimal functioning of the company.

It's more than digital, it's your business
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