Transforming your data into a real user experience

EVENT | Take your business to the next level and close the composable loop. Harness its full potential to accelerate your commerce. 

Date - 03/10/2023

Time - 15:00 until 18:00 + food & drinks afterwards

Location - Log!ville, Niel


- Keynote 1: Why Brachot is going composable in B2B commerce

- Keynote 2: LensOnline's marketing revolution through a CDP 

- Keynote 3: DEMO, elevate your commerce with data.

Welcome to the future of commerce transformation. Join us for an exclusive event where we will unveil the power of turning your data into captivating user experiences that will elevate your business to new heights. 

Event Highlights

Transform Your Business with Composable Solutions

Are you ready to take your business to the forefront of innovation?

Our event is your gateway to unlocking the true potential of your business journey. Discover how integrating the composable IT layer with the marketing layer can revolutionize your data utilization

By bridging these crucial components, you will be empowered to enhance customer engagement and expedite your business strategies

Navigating E-commerce Strategy - B2B Perspective

Have you ever wondered why a leading B2B companies, like Brachot, embrace e-commerce strategies? Dive into the rationale behind this decision and explore the dynamic landscape that e-commerce opens up. Learn why opting for a composable solution is the cornerstone to staying ahead in today's competitive market

Revolutionizing Marketing with Customer Data Platforms

Uncover the transformational journey of an omnichannel giant, LensOnline as they leverage the potential of a customer data platform.

Discover how they seamlessly integrated this platform into their marketing framework, revolutionizing their approach. Explore the tangible benefits of this innovative solution on both business and marketing fronts. 



A Glimpse into the Ideal ecommerce World

In an ideal commerce landscape, data becomes the driving force behind personalized user experiences across every touchpoint. Curious to see this in action? 

Our comprehensive demo, will showcase how we bring this vision to live. Observe firsthand how your data can seamlessly translate into personalized user experiences, setting you on a path to unparalleled success. 

Witness the alignment of business, IT, and marketing strategies that drive unmatched outcomes. 


Pascal Sabbe

CMO & CTO at LensOnline | Pascal has been driving the marketing, digital and BI team at LensOnline. With his passion for technology and over a decade of experience in retail, he has been supporting retailers to adapt and transform based on digital evolutions, globalization, and changing consumer behaviour. 

Jelle Ryckoort 

Online Marketeer at Brachot | With an impressive track record in the world of technology and digitalization, Jelle is a pioneer who assists organizations in navigating the era of digital transformation. Over the years, he gained a profound understanding of the power of technolgy to propel businesses to new heights. 



Commercetools is the world's most leading commerce platform that can be easily extended to meet complex or unique business and customer needs.


Segment is a Customer Data Platform tool that collects events from your web and mobile apps and gives each team in your company access to a complete toolkit of data. 


Conscia offers a Digital Experience Platform (DXO) that allows you to intuitively manage digital experiences and gives you control over who sees what content when and where. 

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