Google Analytics 4

The next generation of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 might just sound like a standard update to the popular web analytics platform.

However, with its shift towards an event-driven data model, stronger focus on privacy, and the introduction of the analysis hub, it's a bigger departure from its predecessor than you might think.

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To help you understand the possibilities of Google Analytics 4, we've prepared two items for you. The first one is a blog post, rounding up the experience and insights of one of our data consultants. This serves as an executive summary for the second item: a webinar in which we present you the full potential of Google Analytics 4.

Blog post: The added value of Google Analytics 4

We have been getting familiar with Google Analytics 4 for a while now. After some first implementation tracks and use cases, we decided it was time to share our most important insights.

One of our data consultants talks about his experience with Google Analytics 4 and helps you decide whether you would benefit from an upgrade or not.

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Webinar: Unlock the potential of Google Analytics 4

Solution lead Thomas Danniau and data consultant Tom De Mulder present you their experience with Google Analytics 4 and show you the most impactful changes and additions in this 45 minutes long webinar.

They show you a real-life implementation and use case and talk about their learnings. Get the on-demand version of this webinar via the link below. You can find the presentation slides on our website.

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or Get the slide deck

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