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Brand-new website underscores DPG Media’s international character

DPG Media launched a brand-new corporate website that centralizes its Belgian and Dutch brands and activities in a clear way.

Watch Generating Value From Customer Data here

Watch the full webinar Generating Value From Customer Data here.

From intern to Digital Marketing Consultant

Meet Thalisia, one of our Digital Marketing Consultants. A couple of years ago she started her career with us as an intern. Want to know how she experienced this period? Then be sure to read on.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges underscores merger with a new website

With The Reference, Port of Antwerp-Bruges has built a composable website where everybody can find the information they are looking for quickly and accurately.

Fedrus International launches new VMZINC website with The Reference

VMZINC has launched a brand-new website to efficiently offer relevant product information about its zinc products to building professionals.

Working with customer data in 2022: challenging, but not impossible

As the data landscape is changing and consumers regain control of their data, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations and digital marketers to manage customer data in a compliant way. However while challenging, it is not impossible. The key: transparency and trust.

Generating value from customer data in a compliant way

SLIDE DECK | Discover the mindset and technologies that help you generate value from customer data while remaining compliant and maintaining a relationship of trust. During The new rules of customer data Thomas Danniau offered a better approach to customer data. Download his slide deck here.

Data protection law and marketing: how to make the marriage work

SLIDE DECK | Bart Van den Brande, managing partner at Sirius Legal Business Law Firm, uncovers the legal perspective of working with customer data as a marketer. He shows you how data protection laws offer businesses a way to build a relationship of trust with their audience.

DELA: 'How we enable customer data without breaking the trust of our customers'

SLIDE DECK | DELA actively leverages customer data in a reliable and compliant way, maintaining a relationship of trust with their customers. Discover how they achieve this through the right mindset and technologies.

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Digital suite or composable technology stack: which one to choose?

While digital experience suites have their advantages, a new approach is challenging them in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Is it time to trade in the digital suite for a composable technology stack?

A day in the life of a digital marketing consultant

Tag along as our digital marketing consultant Annelies Hellem goes through her day. Discover what a digital marketing consultant at The Reference does and how they make an impact for our clients.

Sibelco launches innovative new website

Sibelco has launched a new website that focuses on their extensive product range and its numerous applications. Together with The Reference, the global specialist in material solutions has built a future-oriented platform that enables them to respond quickly to changing customer needs and other evolutions in the market.

The Reference is once again home to three Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals

Three Sitecore experts at The Reference have been named Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in the technology and ambassador categories by Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software.

How to choose the right customer data platform

As marketers are trying to overcome a chaotic sea of data, originating from various sources within the organization, customer data platforms are here to remedy their data-related headaches.

Metaverse or meta-averse

As Facebook rebrands itself to Meta, and the metaverse is supposedly the next big evolution in digital, our innovation expert Thomas De Vos warns us for the potential dangers of a virtual alternate reality.