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How to find the right digital talent for your team

It can be a challenge to fill digital marketing vacancies. That's why it's essential to look beyond the capabilities you need for the job, and actually focus on finding the person that will be a nice fit for your team.

The Reference and commercetools boost Belgian partnership

The Reference steps up its collaboration with cloud-native API-first platform commercetools.

The added value of Google Analytics 4

Overall, GA4 gives its end-users a better understanding of the bigger picture, is built for the long haul and it will have all of Google’s newest features and tools.

Anja Cappelle hands over management to co-MD Isabel Donvil

Anja Cappelle starts a new mission for Emakina Group and hands over management of The Reference to her co-MD

How to create a culture of innovation

The installation of an experimental culture is slow and difficult but is definitely worth the patience.

Why digital branding matters even more

We all know the principles of traditional branding. And at first, it might look like digital branding doesn’t differ a lot. But it does.

Vlerick Business School eager to fulfill digital ambitions

Vlerick has set out to expand its digital ambitions. A new website, which they will build together with The Reference, is another step in this direction.

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