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Metaverse or meta-averse

As Facebook rebrands itself to Meta, and the metaverse is supposedly the next big evolution in digital, our innovation expert Thomas De Vos warns us for the potential dangers of a virtual alternate reality.

Vlerick Business School leads by example through digital

Together with The Reference, Vlerick Business School is launching its brand-new website. Its main aim is to better direct students and professionals to the extensive range of programmes offered by the internationally renowned business school.

Two types of privacy-focused tracking that will not leave you in the dark

Privacy is increasingly becoming a crucial aspect of digital. It’s time for marketers to adapt and find ways to still get relevant data without intruding on the privacy of their users.

EPAM Acquires Emakina Group, including The Reference

Enhancing EPAM’s ability to deliver creative solutions, personalized experiences, and next generation digital products to global clients.

Are you ready to go composable?

Discover why a composable technology architecture might be the best fit for your business. Commercetools gives you a look at why composable commerce is gaining in popularity.

Shurgard is a 2021 Sitecore Experience Honorable Mention in the Best Digital Experience Transformation category

Shurgard and The Reference have received a Sitecore Experience Award (SEA) honorable mention in the Best Digital Experience Transformation category for its work on the Shurgard website.

The Reference and Collect&Go rebuild app to increase flexibility and convenience

When it comes to shopping, consumers continuously look for more convenience. That is why Collect&Go has been working with The Reference to launch a full rebuild of its mobile application.

Reaching your audience in a privacy-focused world

As digital is shifting towards a more privacy-focused approach to advertising, marketers might wonder how they can still talk to their audience in a meaningful way.

An exclusive glimpse into our digital commerce strategies

Get a peek behind the curtains of the digital commerce strategies we have developed over the years.

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Composable commerce: the competitive advantage that will accelerate your growth

Composable commerce offers a flexible alternative to multipurpose monolithic commerce suites. At Reimagining Commerce, we welcomed leading voices and experts to discuss this new philosophy that impacts both business and technology.

What is a headless CMS

If you're in the market for a content management system (CMS), chances are great you've heard the term headless or decoupled floating around. But what is it exactly? We'll explain you what it is and why it can bring enormous benefits to you and your business.

Digital suite or composable technology stack: which one to choose?

While digital experience suites have their advantages, a new approach is challenging them in terms of flexibility and efficiency. Is it time to trade in the digital suite for a composable technology stack?

Antwerp port community & The Reference innovate through digital sustainability trend report

The Antwerp port community proves its commitment to sustainability through innovation with a new digital interface for its sixth sustainability trend report.

Rebranding The Reference: how we shaped our new brand

The Reference has a new look. Is that all that has changed? Let’s ask Isabel Donvil, our managing director, and John De Wever, director of marketing and communications.

Magnetrol AMETEK and The Reference improve inspection process with smart glasses

Magnetrol AMETEK will optimize its inspection process with smart glasses. This allows them to let customers attend inspections remotely in real-time. Simultaneously, this technology will optimize the workflow of their inspectors.