September 8 2017

The Reference & Luminus launch new release of the ‘My Luminus’ app

As of today the new release of the app ' My Luminus ' (version 6.0) is downloadable via Apple's App store and Google Play. 

download-appstore  download-googlplay

Yes, it is coming: those short, dark days and long, cold nights where all you really want to do is crank up the thermostat and pretend you’re on the beach in Miami. Be aware of your energy consumption by downloading the My Luminus application.

The My Luminus app provides Luminus customers with a fully-fledged energy assistant, allowing them to manage their daily energy consumption from A to Z. Various dashboards give them an immediate overview of their usage for all their electricity and gas meters. Customers can also adjust their prepayments based on their energy consumption, which allows them to optimize their annual adjustment bill at any time and avoid unpleasant surprises when the bill comes.

Last but not least, customers can view their past bills and discover Luminus news and energy tips.

My Luminus 6.0: discover how well you score

As their long-term partner, The Reference was asked to extend the app with a new feature to compare your consumption with that of other (typical) users. You already knew how much you consumed. Discover now what others consume, because the new release is going one step further.

Based on your profile data in the My Luminus customer zone, you now get a more detailed overview of your energy usage and you can compare it with similar homes, similar profiles and your consumption last year. This allows the user to discover how well he or she scores.


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