June 11 2018

The Reference creates the ‘Luminus Energy Management’ app for EDF Luminus

Monday, June 11, 2018 — The Reference has helped create an application for EDF Luminus to give their customers and prospects more insight in the gas and electricity markets. This app helps energy buyers or producers to better manage their energy contracts, allows them to set price alerts, consult their energy volumes, get weekly market information or breaking news and discover the services offered by Luminus. 

A unique view into the market prices

The Luminus Energy Management app provides daily “forward” prices for gas and electricity for the following months and the next quarters and years. This allows you to quickly see what the price prognoses are for the short and long term. Via the spot section in the app, you can also see the short term price for the next day of the Belpex spot market and the Elia imbalance prices.

These features help energy buyers and energy producers to have a constant view on the market in order to buy or sell their energy at the right moment.


Secure your budget

After thoroughly examining the prices, it is time to make a decision: ‘when will I buy’ or ‘when will I sell’. Of course, buyers want the most favorable price and sellers want to sell their energy when the prices are high. Thanks to My Click, this is perfectly possible. Let’s take Mark as an example. Mark wants to secure the energy budget for his business for the coming years. Thanks to the market information and the publications of the settlement prices on the app, Mark has decided that today’s price might be a very interesting one. He can decide to sign a new contract at that price or he can directly perform a price fixing operation for an existing contract if he chose for a variable price that can be fixed and unfixed at any time..

Facilitate the process

There is no need to have the app open 24/7 to make sure you do not miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The app gives you the possibility to configure notifications. It is quite easy; imagine Mark wants to know when the prices are under 51.35 €/MWh for a specific period (e.g.: Q1 2019). With only a few touches, he can set a notification to make sure he gets a mobile notification message as soon as the price drops below that value.

For those who want to know it all

Want to know the reason behind all those price fluctuations? Luminus provides you with market insights in which you can find all the explanations for the price variations.

It is also possible to see how much energy you have consumed in the past, thanks to ‘MyEnergy’ where a chart is shown. This option, together with the MyClick tab, is only available for Luminus customers.

"Developing the app was a great challenge, we had to interface with the Luminus core system in a highly industrial specific way. For this, The Reference API team created a new middle layer. We are particularly proud of the ‘notification engine’ that we have created:  a custom made module that, based on the user’s settings and the current market price conditions, sends notifications for price conditions.”, says Geert Michiels, Operations Mobile at The Reference.

The Luminus Energy Management app is now available for Android and iOS


EDF Luminus is an energy producer-, supplier –and challenger that delivers energy-solutions. Every day, about 2000 employees of Luminus, join their forces to be the best energy partner for their customers. This they do by offering continuous improvement, comfort and certainty through a five-star improvement, their innovating and durable solutions, the worldwide expertise of EDF and its strong local anchorage. 

The Luminus brand delivers gas and electricity to more than 100.000 points of delivery in companies and public institutions in Belgium.

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