December 11 2018

The Reference & Luminus: an energetic partnership

Having collaborated for over 20 years, digital agency The Reference and energy supplier Luminus have joined forces once again. Implemented in several phases, Luminus’ digital strategy is set to become a future-proof success story. Since December 5, individuals, entrepreneurs and large companies have been able to visit a brand-new website with a modern, playful look & feel. Visitors not only get this new experience on the website, but also in the revamped customer zone, which is due to be even more thoroughly changed in the future. 

Homepage gets brand-new look & feel

Having collaborated for years, The Reference and Luminus have joined forces once again to create a brand-new website. The two companies are also working closely together on mobile applications: the MyLuminus app for individuals and the MyEnergy app for companies were both built by The Reference.

A shared vision for the project was crucial, so it began with a series of impact mapping workshops in which the scope, goals and desired deliverables were worked out in detail. There was a strong focus here on a fresh, new and mobile first design. The various stakeholders and target groups were asked to map out a clear picture of all their needs.

User testing was deployed to identify issues such as UX challenges and to validate a new information architecture. The mobile first website was built on the Sitecore Experience Platform, version 8.2. This offers Luminus the necessary flexibility and a whole range of personalisation options. 

Following extensive keyword research, the web pages’ content was fully optimised for SEO and rewritten in the correct tone of voice. 


Micro-animations and Google Maps

Micro-animations have been used to showcase Luminus’ green image in a clear yet playful way. The absolute highlight is Luminus’ green map - built using Google Maps technology - which depicts all the company’s windmills and hydro plants. Visitors can zoom in on them and reveal details including their exact location.

The various micro-animations positively enhance the user experience. The Reference and EDF Luminus have succeeded in presenting Luminus’ brand identity visually and conveying it in an original way. Moreover, its user-friendliness means that visitors are led to the right part of the site at the right time. In order to give Luminus the option of developing autonomous campaigns along similar lines, The Reference’s creative team have compiled a ‘living style guide’.

A flexible collaboration

Thanks to workshops, weekly discussions and an agile project methodology, The Reference and Luminus have succeeded in merging different stakeholders’ diverse range of expectations into a result that articulates a unified vision. 

The new Luminus website has been online since 5 December. It’s certainly worth a visit! 

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