A day in the life of a digital marketing consultant

Februay 24, 2022 | Annelies Hellem
Annelies Hellem

Hi, I’m Annelies, digital marketing consultant at The Reference. I’ve been working here for a year and a half and have been loving every minute of it. Though every day at our agency is different, I’d love to give you some insight into what a day in the life of a digital marketing consultant like myself looks like. Ready? Let’s go!

The Reference office view 2


It’s a beautiful sunny day as I arrive at our Ghent office. On days like these, I particularly enjoy the short walk from our parking spaces at Ghent Nieuwe Dokken across the bridge from the docks to our office building at Stapelplein.

Coffee cup next to laptop


With the first coffee of the day steaming on my flex desk, I take the time to browse some of my favorite marketing blogs before I get to work. As a digital marketing consultant, I aim to make an impact for my clients through my specialization of digital advertising through search engines and social media. As I’m an expert in my field, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in digital marketing. That’s why I like to take the time every now and again to read up on this.

Annelies Hellem calling in via Teams


Time to dive into the first call of the day: a sync call with one of my clients. First, we go over the to-do’s on the project we’re working on to make sure we’re all on the same page. After this we take a look at how the active advertising campaigns are performing and I suggest some optimizations to improve results. Syncs like these are also a great opportunity to ask additional questions if needed. Today, however, everything’s clear and I’m ready to get to work.

"One of the great things about working at the office: you never know who you run into and there’s always a nice surprise waiting for you." - Annelies Hellem, digital marketing consultant

google Ads interface


After the sync, I open de Google Ads manager to get started on the to-do’s and optimizations we have just discussed. I keep a close eye on the performance of the search and display ads we’re running and make adjustments where needed. My goal is to keep the cost per conversion as low as possible. Just like any other marketer, I get excited by great statistics resulted by clever investments.

Teams call at The Reference


Meeting number two of today is about to kick-off. This time, it’s an internal sync of a customer team for one of the clients I regularly work with. In these meetings, a variety of profiles within the agency get together to give a status on what they’ve been working on. It not only helps us to keep an overview of the entire project, it’s also a great opportunity to stay in touch with colleagues with who you don’t always work with directly. Because we have a 60/40 work from home balance, not everyone is in the office today, so we’re having this sync via Teams.

The Reference view from office


Because of the great weather we’re having today, I decide to take a little walk at noon. It’s great to see the surroundings of our offices in Ghent come to life, as the city has recently constructed a promenade next to the docks and a variety of little bars and shops are finding their way to the Dok Noord region.

"Fortunately, we have small noise-cancelling focus booths at the office which are great for calls or long stretches of uninterrupted work." - Annelies Hellem, digital marketing consultant

Colleagues at lunch


During my walk I run into a few colleagues who are headed out for a lunch at a nearby restaurant. As we greeted each-other, they asked if I’d like to join in. Having a nice lunch with colleagues sure beats a salad alone from the nearby supermarket, so I gladly tag along. One of the great things about working at the office: you never know who you run into and there’s always nice surprises like these waiting for you.

Focused work at The Reference


After the refreshing walk and nice lunch, it’s time to go into full focus. As a digital marketing consultant, I often get approached with ad hoc questions and issues that need to be resolved. That’s why I like to schedule some focus time in my calendar and sit down with the tasks that I set out to do in the morning. Fortunately, we have small noise-cancelling focus booths at the office which are great for calls or long stretches of uninterrupted work.

Getting a coffee at The Reference


A great focused work session comes to an end and I reward myself with a well-deserved coffee break. I managed to tick off every to-do I set out to finish today. As a reward, I might even indulge myself with one of the sweets that our office manager likes to put next to the coffee maker.

"Our customer team synchs are a great opportunity to stay in touch with colleagues with who you don’t always work with directly." - Annelies Hellem, digital marketing consultant

Annelies Hellem working at The Reference


As my afternoon was dedicated to focused work so far, the last few moments at the office allow me to do the opposite. I go through my mailbox to make sure there’s nothing else that demands my direct attention. This is the time that I get to tackle those ad hoc questions I mentioned earlier. It’s always nice to end the day with an empty mailbox, knowing you’re on top of everything and ready for another day full of digital marketing goodness tomorrow.

The Reference entrance


Time to leave the office and stroll back to my car. It was a nice and productive day. It was great to get to tick off some important to-do’s during my focused working session in the afternoon and really enjoyed the lunch with my colleagues.

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