Antwerp port community & The Reference innovate through digital sustainability trend report

August 5, 2021 | John De Wever
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The Antwerp port community proves its commitment to sustainability through innovation with a new digital interface for its sixth sustainability trend report . The report makes it easier for its readers to navigate, while easing the process of maintaining these reports in the future for the port community.

To offer insights in how the port is working towards a better tomorrow, Port of Antwerp, Alfaport Voka (link in Dutch), and Scheldt Left Bank Corporation release an annual sustainability trend report based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). These SDG’s are part of the plan carried out by the United Nations Foundation to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality and protect the planet by 2030. For the most recent version of this sustainability trend report, the port community partnered with The Reference to create a flexible digital communication channel which enables them to update the results over time.

Port of Antwerp

Five sustainability goals take center stage

The result is a comprehensive website that’s structured around the five SDG’s the port of Antwerp focuses on: climate neutrality, innovation, safety and health, harbor and surroundings, and sustainable growth. Every goal has its individual landing page on which the initiators can share the indicators and statistics that show their progress towards it.

Sustainability through innovation

For the new sustainability report, The Reference advised to work with a headless website setup. This innovative approach separates the content management side of the website from the front-end technology and allows for more flexibility in technology choice. That’s how this new report can combine the ease of use of headless Drupal with the reliable front-end tool Next JS. It also enabled The Reference to integrate the performant search engine Algolia, which allows visitors to quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for.

One report, numerous advantages

A big plus for the port community is the flexibility this website offers towards future versions. Instead of having to construct new files year-over-year, they can now easily update the existing content on the website. This makes it the fastest and most accurate way to communicate this information to its audience. It also allows them to save paper and reduce the cost of creating these reports. Meanwhile, the report is easier to navigate for its readers, who are now able to perform searches on the content. In the end, this report brings the port community one step closer to one of the mentioned sustainability goals: sustainability through innovation.

Discover the sustainability trend report for yourself

Our team gave it their best and are proud to deliver a digital sustainability trend report that’s both more accessible for its reader, as well as more efficient for the Antwerp port community. Feel free to have a look for yourself and see what we’re so excited about.

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