Composable commerce: the competitive advantage that will accelerate your growth

September 27, 2021 | Julie Synave, Joanne Veenvliet, Juan Montoya, Patrick Day, Jan Krul

Composable commerce offers a flexible alternative to multipurpose monolithic commerce suites. At Reimagining Commerce, we welcomed leading voices and experts to discuss this new philosophy that impacts both business and technology. You can see the full talk and panel discussion by filling out the form below.

What to expect

Event stage

The digital future of ecommerce

Before we open the floor to the panel discussion, ecommerce expert Jan Krul offers some insight into the latest trends in digital commerce. Both in B2B and B2C commerce, he sees clear trends, similarities, and differences that impact both business and technology.

Panel discussion

Composable commerce: a competitive advantage

In this panel discussion, four leading voices in digital commerce discuss what composable commerce is, how it differs from digital commerce suites, and how it offers a competitive advantage through flexibility.

In this panel:

- Joanne Veenvliet (commercetools)
- Juan Montoya (Contentful)
- Patrick Friday (Vue Storefront)
- Julie Synave (The Reference)

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