Magnetrol AMETEK and The Reference improve inspection process with smart glasses

August 4, 2021 | John De Wever

Magnetrol AMETEK, global leader in oil and gas level measurement, will optimize its inspection process through digital innovation. Together with The Reference, they will use smart glasses to let customers attend inspections remotely in real-time. Simultaneously, this technology will optimize the workflow of their inspectors.

Due of the Covid-19 pandemic, it became increasingly harder for customers to be on-premise during inspections. In order to still offer an accurate overview of the inspection process, Magnetrol AMETEK inspectors provided them with photos and videos taken during the inspection. This slowed down the inspection process and made it impossible to have real-time interactions between the customers and the inspectors.

Magnetrol smartglasses

Remote inspections through smart glasses

Together with The Reference, Magnetrol AMETEK looked for a solution that would both improve the communication with their customers, as well as the interaction between on-premise inspectors and their colleagues who work remotely. Smart glasses would enable the inspectors to send out a live video feed of their work while establishing a voice connection between them and the customers. This allows Magnetrol AMETEK to follow along with the inspections without having to attend them physically.

At the moment, this new way of working is being evaluating in a trial project. During this trial, the interface will be evaluated and any extra requirements will be logged.

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Multiple benefits

The smart glasses can also prove to be beneficial in other business cases after the pandemic is over. It can reduce the administrative workload of the inspectors by logging the inspection through video and images. If successful, the technology will be rolled out further within the organization. Smart glasses could also prove valuable for training and quality assurance purposes.

Together with The Reference, Magnetrol AMETEK will monitor the impact of this innovation within the organization and stay on the lookout for more potential use cases.


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