Reaching your audience in a privacy-focused world

29 September, 2021 | Malika Meddour, Ivo Blomme

As digital is shifting towards a more privacy-focused approach to advertising, marketers might wonder how they can still talk to their audience in a meaningful way. At Reimagining Commerce, our digital advertising expert Malika Meddour and creative director Ivo Blomme give their view on privacy-friendly digital advertising. Get the full presentation below.

What to expect

Malika Meddour presenting

A world without cookies

In this talk, Malika Meddour looks at how digital advertising is evolving to embrace a cookieless future. She focuses on the upsides of this evolution, as well as the trade-offs for marketers. Ultimately, she gives her two cents about how digital advertisers can embrace privacy and work within the limits of cookieless tracking.

Reimagining Commerce

Focus on what really matters

Our creative director Ivo likes to repeat his favorite mantra: "creativity matters". He pleads to focus on what really matters in this talk, and to embrace creativity as a key factor to stand out. It's the one thing that can overcome the decreased potential to personalize ads. However, Ivo doesn't overlook the importance of advertising where your audience resides.

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