The Reference and Collect&Go rebuild app to increase flexibility and convenience

30 September, 2021 | John De Wever

When it comes to shopping, consumers continuously look for more convenience. That is why Collect&Go has been working with The Reference to launch a full rebuild of its mobile application. With this new app, they are able to match everchanging customer needs and introduce even more flexibility to the Collect&Go user experience.

Collect&Go employees checking a list and filling a box with consumer goods

Reaffirmed trust in The Reference

For over 20 years, Collect&Go stayed ahead of customer expectations by carefully monitoring anonymized customer behavior statistics on their platform. With this data in hand, they concluded it was time to rebuild their mobile application to match the convenience and flexibility of its browser-based counterpart. To do this, Collect&Go reaffirmed its trust in The Reference as its mobile development partner.

New features

The new Collect&Go app introduces a variety of new features and improvements:

  • Next to the selected assortment of Colruyt Laagste Prijzen products, users can now also order the organic products of Bio-Planet.
  • Customers are now able to change their orders until 9 A.M. the day before pickup. This means they can add or deduct products, change quantities, or even cancel the entire order. Additionally, they can change the timeslot and the location of the pickup.
  • Food products are now accompanied by a Nutri-Score, which indicates how nutritious a specific product is.
  • Get different recipes every day straight onto your phone’s home screen via a widget and add the right ingredients to your shopping cart through one simple tap.
  • A new promotions page bundles every promotion currently running on the Collect&Go platform.

New look and feel

Next to the additional features, Collect&Go also created a new look and feel for the app. The selection interface for pickup point and time slot has been overhauled to match this new design and improve the user experience overall.

Continuous updates

As flexibility remains key to convenience in online shopping, it is important to keep improving the Collect&Go app to match shifting user requirements. That is why The Reference is committed to continuously update and improve on the application that is now available via Google Play and Apple App Store.

About Colruyt Group and The Reference

Colruyt Group and The Reference have been working together on the Collect&Go mobile application ever since its first release in 2011. Over the past ten years, they have continued to improve this mobile experience through constant updates, optimizations and new releases. The app is currently on version 8. The upcoming update is considered one of the biggest milestones since the release of the app, offering even more features and possibilities to the Collect&Go customers than ever before.

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