The top 5 highlights of Revolutionizing B2B productivity with generative AI

March 16, 2023 | Yara Smet, Digital Marketing Trainee and Thomas De Vos, Innovation Strategist


90% of people are already convinced that generative AI can have a significant impact on their business. However, with such a broad range of AI tools available, it can be challenging to determine which ones can help your business move forward. 

During our latest webinar "Revolutionizing B2B productivity with generative AI", Thomas De Vos, our Innovation Strategist, explained how generative AI can boost productivity in a B2B context. Filled with live demonstrations, a ton of examples and some great expert insights, this webinar gave a comprehensive overview.

To break it down for you, we have gathered the top 5 highlights of the webinar "Revolutionizing B2B productivity with generative AI". 

Top 5 highlights

1. Why is AI so popular?

The webinar kicked off by exploring the purpose behind the popularity of generative AI. As human beings, we have a tendency towards laziness, which drives us to come up with innovative tools that can perform tasks on our behalf.

While some of those tools are more useful than others, they all share the common goal of making our lives easier and providing creative solutions to a problem.

The same story applies to generative AI. It has been developed to enhance our work and improve our productivity, it allows us to go from nothing to something, ultimately making our (work) lives more efficient and manageable.  

Yes, this is a fully AI-generated image of Thomas De Vos, host of the webinar. 

Colleagues working together

2. The rise of ChatGPT

During the webinar, Thomas used ChatGPT as a common thread because of its impressive versatility. ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, has the capability to answer a wide range of questions using artificial intelligence and information sourced from the internet.

Thomas showed this tool as an example of how much one tool can already offer. From inspiration about a subject to a python script that can be used in PowerPoint to create slides, ChatGPT can give it all. Theoretically, Thomas could have prepared the whole webinar by just using this tool.

Please, stay lazy. Allow generative tech into your workflow and you will see, it will become your best friend.

Thomas De Vos, Innovation Strategist

3. Variety of tools

The broad range of available tools can make it difficult to find the right one for your business. During the session, Thomas explained several of those tools. Let us take a closer look at three specific tools: Supernormal,, and Nolej. 

Thinking vision board

Supernormal is a tool designed for notetaking during your online meetings or any video recording. The Supernormal bot can be invited to your online meetings by sending the meeting invite. 

Once the meeting starts, Supernormal attends the meeting and starts making notes. Afterwards, you will be able to read a complete transcript of the meeting, a summary, and even view the action points decided on.

The only thing you must do is to specify what kind of meeting it was so the tool chooses the right template for your meeting report. is a tool that helps with writing content, descriptions, blog posts, video captions, ... Because of its great workflow, the tool gives you the opportunity to create a complete campaign from scratch. Consider it as a Swiss army knife for marketers. 

Another tool is Nolej. This AI-driven tool helps to speed up the process of online learning and making it more efficient. You simply have to upload a course (this can be a video or URL), and Nolej will generate a summary, exercises, and questions. If you upload a video, the tool can even make it interactive using gamification. Afterwards, you can assess the amount of time saved by using the tool. 

For every department of your company there is a generative AI tool available. The sales department can use Microsoft Viva, which is completely following up your clients or prospects. The legal team can have a contract management assistant to help them interpret, manage, and even negotiate contracts, ...

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4. B2B Generative Tech impacts

Besides the personal implications of Generative Tech, there are some important B2B impacts to consider as well. the adoption of Generative Tech, will increase productivity and change the nature of work. Tools like ChatGPT will be used more often.

Your employees may use it already today, but are you aware of this? Do they know what the dangers are, and can you trust the output of these tools blindly? 

Just like James Curries quotes "Generative Tech will work with us from the very beginning of a project." Nonetheless, domain experts will still be necessary to refine the results and improve them further.

Another notable impact of generative technology is the shift towards greater personalization. Now personalization is created based on already existing data. However, in the future, personalization will be done completely tailored to your profile with bespoke newly created content, especially for you. 

Person explaining plan

5. Will Generative Tech steal our jobs?

Because of the rapid growth of generative AI, we might wonder if it could replace us humans. Rest assured the answer is no. However, it will have a significant impact and it will transform our typical daily job tasks. Furthermore, it will unlock a lot of new opportunities.

In fact, the emergence of this new technology will generate more jobs and economic opportunities. Numerous start-ups are receiving investments and are creating more employment opportunities as we speak.

What can The Reference do for you?

As a digital agency we see the value of Generative AI mainly via integration in your projects to speed up processes and improve productivity. E.g., integration as a service in your headless CMS or as an assistant in the creation of FAQs. But also, data cleansing, advanced personalization, image altering and boosting the value of your services by combining it with Generative Tech

Amazingly fast pace of new possibilities

When you are reading this, GPT4 is released and will offer even more jaw dropping functionalities. Since it is now multi-modal, it allows you to use images, video, and audio in your prompts. This will unlock a gazillion new opportunities and products on a short term.

We as The Reference have the mission to inform, advise and assist you in taking the right tools and decisions regarding immersive technologies.

Robotic hand typing on a laptop

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This recap only contains a fraction of the interesting insights, facts, and examples shared by Thomas during the webinar "Revolutionizing B2B productivity with generative AI".  

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