Vlerick Business School eager to fulfill digital ambitions

March 11, 2021 | John De Wever

As one of the top-ranked business schools worldwide, Vlerick Business School looks to connect with students and participants across the world. They want to inspire people in business to keep following their dreams, stay eager to learn and take the leap to turn their knowledge into action. Digital touchpoints play a crucial role in reaching their global audience to achieve this mission. Because of this, Vlerick has set out to expand its digital ambitions. A new website, which they will build together with The Reference, is another step in this direction.

Vlerick hallway

This announcement follows an elaborate strategy track, which gave The Reference a deep understanding of Vlerick’s business context and goals. In this track, they jointly defined a strategy to fulfill these ambitions over time.

It became clear that Vlerick puts a strong focus on business agility. Because of this, The Reference concluded that Vlerick would benefit most from a composable architecture, based on the MACH principle. MACH stands for micro-services, API-driven, cloud-based and headless. Because this less traditional approach to technology seamlessly connects with Vlerick’s own architectural landscape, Vlerick full-heartedly agreed to go for this solution.

The centerpiece in this collaboration will be a new website with a headless CMS at its core, combined with carefully selected best-of-breed cloud-based technologies that interact with each other through API’s. This will allow Vlerick to work with the best tools for their specific business needs.

Vlerick and The Reference are now fully focused on following the roadmap they drew out together. They are jointly gearing up towards launching the new website later this year.

“We warmly welcome Vlerick on board as a new client,” say Isabel Donvil and Anja Cappelle, co-managing directors at The Reference. “It is a privilege to get the trust of a top-ranked international business school that understands business like no other. We are proud to work with them on fulfilling their digital ambitions.”

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