Data consultant

As one of Europe’s Internet pioneers, The Reference has proven a long-standing experience in the field of digital marketing. Our clients are Top-100 companies with which we aim to build up a long-term relationship at national and international level. Quality is the key factor in gaining and maintaining their confidence. We therefore strive for the very highest level of quality at all times, for our clients as much as for our employees. 


The Reference is rolling out a broad range of data services and products for our clients and prospects. In this context, we are looking for data consultants to work with clients on business and marketing intelligence and other data-related services. Within your advisory role and by using state-of-the-art visualization tools you communicate business performance and apprise middle- and C-level management with your advice. At some companies your role will be mainly advisory, while in other companies, it will be more operational. However, you should know that soft skills are more important than hard skills. Most importantly: you are eager and curious to learn. And good to know: you are not alone in this role, you will be part of a team with proven experience and knowledge in various sectors and tools


  • Your seniority will determine if your work will be rather operational (e.g. visualizing data) or advisory
  • The data economy is fairly new so proven interest and/or experience in the field is the minimum requirement
  • Bonus points for being certified in one or more data processing or visualization tools
  • Have you taken one or more MOOCs, don't forget that put that on your resumé
  • Bonus points for a bachelor and/or master in business engineering, applied economics, computer science, engineering or proven experience
  • Soft skills and properties
    • We are an agency. While we are aiming for a wide range of applications, some affinity with marketing concepts is a minimum requirement
    • You are a consultant; this means you should be able to cooperate with teams that are not per definition your colleagues
    • With the help of visualization tools, you are comfortable communicating to people who have very few or no technological or analytical skills
    • You are curious, studious, intelligent, somewhat stubborn and you don't take 'no' for an answer
    • Although it is definitely a plus if you have an academic background, being business-minded is an absolute requirement
    • Although we encourage you to be yourself, it is crucial that you are comfortable with putting yourself on the map within large companies
  • Hard skills
    • You are familiar with one or more visualization tools
    • You are familiar or you are willing to dive deep in verticals such as recommendation engines, search engines, feed managers, etc...
    • You are a spreadsheet maestro
    • You are familiar with descriptive statistics; mean, median, mode, cohorts, histograms, time series, etc.
    • Bonus points for being fluent in one or more vendor-specific SQL implementations (Postgres, MySQL, MSsql, BigQuery, Snowflake,...)
    • Bonus points for being fluent in one or more coding languages (Python and/or R is a plus)
    • Fluent in English and preferably one of the following languages: Dutch or French


  • You represent one of Belgium's most successful digital agencies, part of the Emakina Group but with its own DNA
  • A competitive wage, depending on proven experience, seniority and certification and an extensive package of fringe benefits
  • The opportunity to take matters into your own hands and to make a difference: your actions will define how we will tackle data-related problems in the future
  • The opportunity to deepen or widen your skills, in line with company needs: the time to study and get certified
  • Variegated responsibilities and work environments: work from home, at a client or at the office, depending on what you are working on. Although it is possible that you will work full-time at a client, we strive to have you at the office on a weekly basis to discuss progress and collaborate on data initiatives
  • Working at an agency which is known for fostering seniority and respect for your work-life balance
  • A reserved spot in a renovated office in Belgium's tech city: Ghent
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