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Empower your marketing and digital teams to orchestrate intelligent, consistent, and personalized experiences on all channels in a Composable stack. 

What is Conscia?

The Digital Experience Platform (DXO) from Conscia acts as the ‘brain’ in your composable stack. With the shift towards headless and composable architectures, marketers have lost the ability to intuitively manage digital experiences

The control over who sees what content when and where falls squarely into the hands of the developer. Developers are also struggling having to integrate with multiple best-of-breed vendors. Conscia offers a solution to both these challenges.

Intuitive, centralized control for marketers

  • Personalize and tailor experiences on every channel - Return control back in the hands of business users with a centralized UI to control personalization and A/B testing for all your channels and touch points. 
  • A/B Testing and Optimization - Optimize your content and design effectively to better connect with your audience on all channels.
  • Freedom to choose any best-of-breed tool - Connect to your tool via an API end point, and use it without any custom integration whatsoever. Conscia connects to all headless CMSs, DAMs, PIMs, Search Engines, Ecommerce Engines, Recommendation Engines, and more out of the box.
  • Understand how your experiences are performing - Track behavioural signals as your customer interacts with your content and experiences and use powerful insights to determine how best to optimize your customer experience for every customer.


Connect any headless CMS with any marketing automation platform of your choice with the 'brain' of your composable stack.

Sana Remekie, CEO Conscia

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Powerful, zero-code orchestration for developers

  • Orchestration as a Service - Conscia is completely agnostic of your frontend and sits in the cloud as an API-accessible orchestration engine, allowing you to avoid writing glue code or custom business logic in your frontend. 
  • Zero-Code API Orchestration - Conscia achieves zero-code orchestration by providing a unified API layer that connects multiple backend systems, such as CMS, CRM, CDP, and DAM, without requiring any custom code or complex integrations. Orchestrate data and content between systems and leverage real-time decisioning to intelligently connect the dots between various backend APIs.
  • Own your data - Get complete control over your data, and export, integrate, and utilize it in any way you see fit. For example, if you want to further analyze this data in your BI platform, use this data to generate AI powered Recommendations, or even push it to your CDP, you have full access to it.

  • Truly decoupled architecture to orchestrate omnichannel experiences - Conscia abstracts the business logic from the frontend and allows you to configure how your backend maps to any frontend in a centralized orchestration layer. 
  • Understand how your backend APIs are performing - Gain full visibility into the status of your entire composable stack. 
  • Maximize your investments in existing technologies - Accelerates the journey from legacy and monolithic systems to a composable architecture without having to decommission these systems.

See if Conscia is right for you

We prefer working together in a two-way conversation to determine if a specific solution is right for you, as we believe in a platform agnostic approach to technology.

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