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Contentful is a CMS system that allows your business to structure content and scale it across multiple channels and platforms.

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What is Contentful CMS?

Contentful is a SAAS-based, headless content management system (CMS), that goes beyond traditional CMS solutions when it comes to speed and scalability. Research and consultancy company like ‘Gartner’ prove this theory by placing Contentful alongside Adobe as the leading solution for web content management. 

The Contentful platform allows editors to define the content structure and the actual content itself (text, images, downloads, menus...) that can flow into any digital channel. This allows developers and content creators to work simultaneously and ensures that customers are always interacting with the freshest version of your content and brand experience. The platform is also highly extendable with custom apps for any functionality that might not be delivered out of the box and integrates seamlessly with various tools through open APIs. 

The future of content through MACH

Contentful CMS is built on modern MACH principles. This means: 

  • Microservices Based: Contentful's cloud based Microservices solution, offers content, management and transformation APIs that can be individually consumed. These ready-made building blocks can be used to create or supplement your own infrastructure and can be run at scale.
  • API-First: Modern APIs are at the core of modern digital systems. They are the glue that connects applications and allows organizations to develop new business opportunities. Using Contentful's future-ready API's, you gain the flexibility to create new experiences for all digital touchpoints.
  • Cloud Native: Contentful is a multitenant SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It allows faster development, better maintainability, and scalability. You are free from on-premises software lock-in and reliance on developer maintenance.
  • HeadlessContentful delivers a decoupled, open environment that enables limitless usage of content across all channels.

Contentful allows you to assemble content and deliver digital experiences at an unprecedented rate. Its visual and easy-to-use tools, allow a smooth way of working between content editors and developers

Geert Michiels, Solution Lead/Scrum Master

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For whom is Contentful valuable?

In short, Contentful is your go-to platform if you are aiming for:

  • A platform that grows alongside your business
  • A platform that delivers fast experiences
  • A platform that is easy to use
  • A platform with role-based access
  • A platform that is flexible in terms of updating your (website, mobile, voice...) content and structure
  • Contentful is a part of the MACH alliance

Note that Contentful can provide benefits for various businesses, although the pricing and license model is geared more toward the higher segment. 


Compared to other CMSes, Contentful is not ‘page based’ but relies on the concept of ‘content modelling’. A content model gives structure and organization to your content, abstracting it from its format, thus allowing it to be visualized differently on the various channels (web, mobile, voice...). The key is to think of your content in terms of distribution and reuse, not in terms of the format.

Why we are your Contentful partner

Since we have many trained and certified engineers on the platform, we have a deep knowledge of creating and organizing content. It is important to understand, that we do not simply limit ourselves to "just building a website". We will look far beyond this in a  broader context of a composable/MACH architecture.

In this point of view, the CMS is a very important part of the complete solution, alongside (typically) a search engine, your PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) system etc. 

Our approach

When a request for proposal for a new project comes in, the appointed solution architect will look at the requirements and select the most suitable headless CMS solution. This could be Contentful. When the "GO" has been given we take care of the following steps:

  • Setting up the SAAS environment and making sure all content editors have access
  • Defining the different content types and structure
  • Defining a localized way-of-working
  • Setting up editorial workflows (e.g. draft, approved, published)
  • Implementing integrations between Contentful and surround systems (typically a search engine: make the content searchable via the different channels)
  • Implementing extensions inside the Contentful content editors web UI to automate/facilitate various tasks

Ultimately, our goal is to enable your company to create better, faster, and more powerful digital experiences. 

Take a look at a few of our best Contentful cases

DPG Media employees together with the team from The Reference on the balcony at the Ghent office

DPG Media

DPG Media was looking for a partner to create a new central website that prioritizes user experience, brand awareness, and employer branding. 

See if Contentful is right for you

We prefer working together in a two-way conversation to determine if a specific solution is right for you, as we believe in a platform agnostic approach to technology. 

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