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With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can capture data from every customer interaction and consolidate it into centralized user profiles and audiences. This enables you to get insights into your customers and provide them with more personalized experiences. Use Segment CDP to collect, clean, and activate your customer data. 

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What is Twilio Segment?

One of our preferred Customer Data Platform tools is Twilio Segment. This platform collects events from your web and mobile apps and gives each team in your company access to a complete toolkit of data. This gives marketers, salespeople, and customer service representatives the insights they need to design and build relevant, data-driven customer experiences

A major benefit of a CDP is that it helps you practice good data etiquette and comply with EU data regulations like GDPR and Schrems ll. For instance, with all your data in one place, you can remove bad data and block data collection for specific users. 

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For whom is Segment CDP?

Companies are aware that they need a good perspective on the journey of their customers in order to optimize their on- and offline processes and campaigns. However, gaining insights in customers is not a smooth and easy process anymore. Recent developments in customer data have allowed customers to regain control of their data, making it very difficult for companies to get control over their first party data and have a central view of the customer. This also makes it difficult for digital marketers to do their jobs effectively. 

For this reason, many companies can benefit from a CDP, from large B2B companies that want to standardize their data collection to small B2C businesses that are looking for a tool that indicates who their customer is and what actions they take. 

Benefits of a CDP within the company

Specifically, a CDP benefits the following teams:

  • Executives can use customer insights to drive better outcomes, customize journeys to maximize value and easily launch new products and markets.
  • Product teams can reduce analytics bottlenecks, build better growth stacks and measure and improve KPIs
  • Marketing teams can connect everything online and offline, develop a real-time audience and show their direct impact on the company. 
  • Engineering teams can collect data from everywhere, integrate new tools in minutes and create clean and ready-for-analysis data sets. 

A CDP is basically an orchestrator for your customer data. It combines, coordinates, verifies, and connects data from various sources and channels.

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Why we are your Segment partner

Corresponding to the needs of today and tomorrow

We help and guide our customers to set up a composable architecture that corresponds to the needs of today and tomorrow. By integrating a Customer Data Platform like Segment, we allow our customers not only to unify the buyer journey of their customer, but also to personalize campaigns with real-time data and give insights in the different customer contexts. 


Working with customer data on multiple levels

The Reference helps organizations to work with customer data on multiple levels. This goes from gathering the data in a qualitative and compliant way, to using them for targeted marketing campaigns and setting up the necessary dashboards and insights. 

Triple diamond approach

Our approach for integrating Segment

For integrating the Segment data platform, we use the triple diamond approach. This goes as follows:

  • Defining the needs - the first step in the diamond is to define the needs of your company. This we do through a digital landscape intake, a KPI meeting and the assessment of your marketing data ecosystem.
  • Specifying capabilities - the second phase of the diamond starts with specifying the technical requirements and capabilities. We like to do this in the form of a case workshop and/or a priority workshop.
  • Solution architecture - we proceed by doing a vendor comparison and giving a solution demo.
  • Digital roadmap - This is our final step in the preparation process and consists of defining our scope together with our short and long term to do's. 
  • Execute - When all the preparation is done, we can move to the last part of the diamond: start working on a minimal viable product (MVP) and a roadmap.

Take a look at one of our best Segment CDP use cases

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LensOnline, an international omnichannel retailer of contactlenses and eye care solutions, partnered with us to kick off their data transformation process with the implementation of a Customer Data Platform. 

See if Segment CDP is right for you

We prefer working together in a two-way conversation to determine if a specific solution is right for you, as we believe in a platform agnostic approach to technology. 

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