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Alpro: Worldwide content management

Alpro is the pioneer of plant-based alternatives to dairy products. They aim to change the way the world eats for the better, inspiring positive change for the planet and its people.

As Alpro launched its new website, the company was looking for a content manager to support colleagues in various markets in managing their local websites. It was crucial for this person to have the right skillset to work with a headless CMS and fit into this unique company culture.

Content manager with a specific skillset

Alpro launched a new website with at its core the headless content management system Contentful and was looking for digital talent to strengthen their marketing team. They needed a content manager with the right expertise to work within this headless setup and launch local websites in the many markets Alpro is active in. Our challenge lied in finding someone who is proficient with headless CMSs and would also fit into the unique Alpro company culture.

Alpro all platforms
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Over forty markets

The content manager of our temporary staffing team managed to set up the Alpro website in over thirty languages in forty-plus markets. Even today she continuously keeps updating all of these sites with fresh content like new recipes and product information. A content manager at Alpro guides teams around the globe through the process of setting up their market-specific website.

Over the years of working with Alpro and setting up new websites in various markets, our relationship is characterized by a very open and honest style of communication and flexibility, resulting in a close and satisfying partnership.

Content management for various markets

Through an internal ticketing system, the content manager gets website-related requests from all over the organization. In every market that has an Alpro website, she follows up on these requests and adjusts the content for all these websites where needed. Because the content manager is the single point of contact for working with the CMS, she can guarantee experiences true to the brand but catered to local audiences.

Markets launched
Languages managed
Markets launched 40+ Languages managed 30+

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