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Bekaert is a global leader in steel wire transformations and coating technologies. You can find their products in a variety of sectors, from construction to automotive and agriculture.

Create a uniform online presence to reach the right audience in a complex B2B landscape

After centralizing their marketing and communication, Bekaert wanted a more clear and coherent branding and an unified online presence. This emphasis on digital allowed them to shift focus towards online B2B lead generation and ecommerce.

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A long-term relationship

An extensive discovery track - filled with various strategy workshops - allowed us to create a framework for the updated Bekaert branding. We captured their renewed brand in an easy-to-use style guide, allowing us to build coherent digital interfaces like a corporate website and various sub-domains in Sitecore.

We managed to reach their complex B2B audience through thorough SEO and set up lead generation initiatives backed by personalization features on the Bekaert website. Eventually, this would result in a B2B ecommerce solution tailored to Bekaerts various audiences.

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Extensive catalogue

Due to confidentiality, we can’t share specific insights into how our work with Bekaert has impacted their business. We can say, though, that we have an extensive catalog of projects to look back on. One of the outcomes of this beautiful relationship is a Sitecore Experience Award for personalization.

Sitecore Experience Award for personalization
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The services that made this happen

  • Brand & concept

    We updated the Bekaert brand and made it digital-ready. A clear style guide allows every Bekaert partner to build on-brand solutions.

  • UX & service design

    We created an ecosystem of digital interfaces that welcome the various stakeholders and audiences in the complex B2B landscape in which Bekaert is active.

  • Digital platforms

    We created a Sitecore environment, allowing Bekaert to activate multiple digital interfaces in multi-country and multi-lingual settings.

  • Digital interfaces

    Over the years, we have built multiple digital interfaces for Bekaert, ranging from the corporate website to product websites and a digital financial results environment.

  • Content production

    We have created various assets for Bekaert, as well as video content for a digital financial results environment.

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