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Brady Corporation is a global leader in safety, identification and compliance solutions. It helps customers increase safety, security and productivity with high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software.

Brady sales are traditionally handled via paper-based catalogues, which are both costly and difficult to scale. They were looking for a B2B digital commerce platform that’s capable of managing huge amounts of data while remaining flexible enough to host all Brady-related brands in a variety of regions. Our sister agency Emakina.FR took on this challenge.

A commerce solution for over 30 stores in 20+ countries.

Standardizing brand channels

The goal was to offer a platform that could standardize the brand channels of Brady and portray a consistent image across the board. The platform should provide its users with a better user experience for the Brady customers, while optimizing maintenance for the business itself by bringing print and web channels together.

Brady website

A robust yet flexible commerce platform

After mapping all global ecommerce challenges and technical constraints, a new digital commerce platform was built through an agile approach towards both development and design. The platform was fully integrated with the existing back-end systems at Brady. It leans on a robust and secure architecture while remaining flexible through its module management system, allowing different entities within the group to choose and install modules that suit their specific needs. This way, Brady was able to roll out this digital commerce solution in over 30 digital stores located in 20+ countries, across 3 continents.

Website created Online sales increased by Of total turnover, digital accounts for
30+ +200% +50%

The services that made this happen

  • User experience & service design

    After mapping the challenges and technical constraints, a consistent user experience was designed with the Brady B2B customers in mind.

  • Digital interfaces

    This project resulted in over 30 digital B2B stores in over 20 countries. Each entity within Brady is able to customize the experience of its own ecommerce store while maintaining a consistent visual style.

  • Digital platforms

    A digital commerce platform was created to be used by a variety of entities in different regions across the globe.

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