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Carglass is a Belgian car repair center, mainly known for their window repairs and replacement offering. They service car owners all across Belgium through over 46 service centers.

Carglass puts a strong focus on customer satisfaction. They want to be quickly available to all customers via their service centers, call center and website. To reduce waiting times in the physical centers and limit workload for their call center, Carglass wanted to make the website a crucial step in the customer journey. Both for scheduling appointments as well as for answering the majority of customer questions.

The Carglass website should be the go-to place for quick questions and appointments

Making digital a crucial step in the customer journey

When we started working with Carglass, they needed a new website fast. We analyzed existing content, optimized it and gave it a home in the new information architecture. We created a new website design based on the existing Carglass branding and built the digital interface in Sitecore with React within six months’ time.

We played a strong governance role between Carglass IT and their backend development partner. Since the launch of the website in 2016, we keep offering Carglass support through an SLA agreement. With proactive and reactive incident management, we make sure this business-crucial channel stays up and running at all times.

Carglass website screenshot

A performant and effective website

Through a strong user experience and design, we were able to increase leads via mobile by 200%. The proactive incident management reduced maintenance costs by 30% year-over-year.

The Carglass website won two Sitecore awards, one for marketing agility in 2016 and one for personalization in 2018.

Leads via mobile Sitecore Awards Year-over-year reduced maintentance cost
+200% 2 -30%

The services that made this happen

  • UX and service design

    We analyzed and optimized the information architecture from the original Carglass website and created a new web design that's both very clear and intuitive to use for Carglass customers.

  • Digital interfaces

    We built the front-end side of the Carglass website with React on the Sitecore environment they were using. In this, we also played a governance role with the backend partner of Carglass and their internal IT team, making sure every partner is aligned in the creation of Carglass' digital ecosystem.

  • Cloud & managed services

    Since 2016, we have been maintaining the Carglass website through a SLA that's focused on both proactive and reactive incident management. This way, we make sure this business-critical channel stays up and running 24/7.

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