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Hudson is a Belgium-based full-service HR consultancy. They offer support in human resources on various levels. Hudson is known for its quality of service in recruitment and selection, assessment and development, and reward management. They are praised for their strong research and development department.

The Benelux-branch of the international Hudson Global Group spun off from its parent company after a management buy-out in 2017. After this, Hudson Benelux wanted to re-establish itself as the preferred full-service HR partner in the region. For this, they needed to adopt their own recognizable identity that reflects the level of quality they deliver.

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Hudson mockup branding
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A new branding for Hudson

We crafted a new branding that reflects the high level of quality Hudson offers. Through the right imagery, we made sure the Hudson-brand doesn’t just look professional, it’s also emotional.

Based on these predefined themes, we were able to create a picture library with over 100 curated photos. All decisions we made during the branding process were stored in a brand guide.

This guide offered the building blocks for the new Hudson website, which we developed in Umbraco. Here's the result:

Hudson person in circle

We created a new iconic branding for Hudson, emphasizing a fresh start for the HR partner in the Benelux region.

The services that made this happen

  • Branding

    We created the new Hudson branding, including a new logo and a picture library of 100+ curated photos. This branding was implemented company-wide.

  • Digital interfaces

    We designed and built a website that's both welcoming to Hudson's target audiences, as well as communicates a sense of quality and emotion.

  • Digital platforms

    We set up an Umbraco web environment that's easy to use for Hudson's content managers.

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