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Luminus is a Belgian energy producer part of the international EDF Group. They are an energy partner with a strong focus on sustainable energy.

In its highly competitive market, Luminus makes a difference by focusing on sustainable energy sources. They take a very customer-centric approach to their services. In this approach, digital touchpoints like their website and mobile application are essential.

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Support through multiple touchpoints

Our long-running relationship with Luminus started with the build of a new website in Sitecore. This digital platform serves both as a lead generation and sales channel, as well as a place for Luminus customers to manage their usage.

Later, we would introduce the energy partner into the realm of mobile through a B2C-focused app called My Luminus. Its success would later result in the Luminus Energy Management app for Luminus’ B2B audiences

We put a great focus on prototyping and leveraged insights from extensive user research in the creation of the best possible UX for every digital interface we built. Design-wise, we captured the Luminus brand in a styleguide, which serves as the blueprint for every new digital Luminus solution.

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Luminus app screenshot 1
Luminus energy scale

How the interfaces impacted Luminus' customers

Over the course of our collaboration, we have built, maintained and continuously upgraded the Luminus website, as well as two apps.

Our work for Luminus resulted in a 130% increase in digital leads, 68% increased mobile website traffic. , Luminus gained 29% organic website traffic.

Our continuous improvements and upgrades resulted in a Sitecore Experience Award in 2019 for business impact and ROI.

Increase in mobile traffic Increase in leads Increase in organic traffic
+68% +130% +29%

Our work with Luminus resulted in a new digital platform and two user-friendly mobile apps, rewarded with two Sitecore Experience Awards

The services that made this happen

  • UX & service design

    With a great focus on prototyping and extensive user research, we were able to create user interfaces that are intuitive to use and boost conversion.

  • Branding

    We captured the Luminus brand in a style guide, which is the blueprint for every digital Luminus solution.

  • Digital platforms

    We created a Sitecore website and integrated it with Salesforce, allowing Luminus to follow up on leads and eliminating any unnecessary steps between customer information managed on the website and information stored in the CMS.

  • Digital interfaces

    We developed a website that both allows Luminus to convert new customers, as well as lets these customers manage their energy services. Later we would translate this last function to a B2C-focused app and a B2B-focused app.


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