OMP partnered with us to define tangible steps to gradually update the web platform while leveraging their digital marketing potential and objectives. 

Optimizing OMP's Web Platform for Digital Marketing Success

OMP is a Belgian company headquartered in Wommelgem (Antwerp) that offeres a digitized supply chain planning solution. The company has regional offices across the globe, including Europe, the US, Brazil, India, and China, and serves global clientele.

OMP's solution, Unison PlanningTM, helps companies to overcome complex planning challenges arising from for example the post-pandemic supply chain hurdles, material shortages, rising energy costs, and global inflation. By using Unison PlanningTM, companies can navigate these challenges effectively and realize efficiency gains that contribute to further growth. 

Results of this partnership

Upgrade of the Sitecore platform to Sitecore 10 to give OMP a flexible, intuitive web CMS experience.

Establishing an SLA (Services Level Agreement) with solid performance metrics.

Helping OMP with their digital marketing by guiding them in the world of SEO, SEA, CRO, social media, and more. 


Upgrade of the Sitecore platform to Sitecore 10 to give OMP a flexible, intuitive web CMS experience.


Establishing an SLA (Services Level Agreement) with solid performance metrics.

Digital Marketing

Helping OMP with their digital marketing by guiding them in the world of SEO, SEA, CRO, social media, and more. 

The challenge

OMP encountered significant operational risks and experienced growth stagnation due to its reliance on an outdated website infrastructure that offered limited support capabilities. The website had become a mysterious black box, burdened with numerous dependencies and a lack of understanding regarding its inner workings. As a result, the website had become an obstacle to future growth within this highly successful and rapidly evolving company.  

The solution

After conducting a comprehensive audit of OMP's website and web infrastructure, we provided a set of recommendations aimed at gradually mitigating the operational risks associated with the platform, and instead transforming the web platform into an indispensable factor in the marketing plans of OMP. 

Three people behind a desk with one person focusing on a laptop screen

From a technical and user interface (UI) standpoint, we upgraded the Sitecore platform to Sitecore 10. This upgrade provides an intuitive web content management system (CMS) experience, and a flexible solution architecture to enable future projects and integrations.

At a marketing level, we introduced our services approach to guide OMP's marketing team in navigating the dynamic landscape of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media, and more. We helped the team at OMP to realize effective marketing campaigns, such as a nice webpage for their OMP Conference in Atlanta and Barcelona.

We asked The Reference for a short audit and were charmed by the wide yet realistic range of recommendations they proposed, both at solution architecture and especially at digital marketing level. Together we transformed our website into an indispensable motor of our marketing ambitions and have identified a roadmap for the coming years to further leverage our digital potential.

Katleen Rybczynski, Senior Communications Manager at OMP

How we made this work

Listening and Auditing

Our journey with OMP began by listening carefully to their frustrations and aspirations. Through a hands-on audit, we gained valuable insights into their pain points, which laid the foundation for our partnership. 

Technical & Marketing improvements evolving hand in hand

To drive OMP's transformation, we adopted an integrated approach that merged technical improvements with strategic marketing initiatives. Constant evaluation and refinement ensured that the team at OMP could follow our rhythm and benefit optimally from our gradual improvements and releases. 

Foundations for growth

While addressing immediate needs, we also focused on OMP's long-term goals. By laying the foundations for larger projects, such as a customer portal, we ensured scalability and future growth

It's been a pleasure to work for and with OMP. We've got the freedom to not only improve the most obvious deficiencies of the outdated platform but also to propose bigger, more complex projects to take OMP and its team to a higher level in web management and digital marketing. We're looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in these interesting times.

Philip Achten, Senior Consultant at The Reference

The services that made this happen

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