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Meanwhile @ the Reference


News Case
February 14 2017

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Carglass selected full-service digital agency The Reference as its implementation partner because of its extensive knowledge of the Sitecore solution. With the new website, Carglass has also exceeded its customers' expectations online.

Blog Creation and implementation
February 14 2017
Sitecore Local Datasources

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Content editors or marketers working within Sitecore are supposed to know what datasources are. But for those who don’t: datasources provide Sitecore architects with a mechanism to attach a content item to a presentation component (rendering). This makes these components flexible (the datasource can easily be changed) and useful for A/B testing and personalization. You can move them around and swap them out. Datasource items can also easily be re-used over several “pages”.

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The Reference is a company that is growing fast. That is why we are looking for new talent with the ambition to grow on-the-job as well.

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To really know what it is like to work at The Reference, you should actually spend some time with our teams. Then you would quickly understand why working at The Reference is so special.

It's more than digital, it's your business

The Reference is nothing without its customers. This is a gauntlet of our international customer Ansell, the global leader in protective solutions, for whom we made sales apps, have built the global website and set up specific marketing campaigns today.

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