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Meanwhile @ the Reference


News Award
May 9 2017

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The Reference has won the Sitecore Hackathon 2017 in the ‘Sitecore Experience Accelerator’ category. For the third year in a row, The Reference actively took part in the community organized Sitecore Hackathon. The team “No Weekend 4 Us” had to come up with a concept for something they found lacking in the module, while at the same time provide functionality that would make sense in the real world. 92 teams from 26 countries were represented in this year’s Hackathon. Only four teams were victorious.
Blog Creation and implementation
5 days ago
Sitecore and Microsoft Azure PaaS

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Hosting is mostly done through in part On-Premise or in most cases through an IaaS cloud based hosting platform such as Microsoft Azure. Now that digital solutions are rapidly expanding and maturing, the same solutions are becoming increasingly complex and interconnected. This means that both IT and your development team face increasing challenges to manage security and monitoring as well as scaling possibilities. In light of these additional tasks, IT departments are looking to offload more tasks to the hosting environment, creating a shift from IaaS into more PaaS oriented platforms.

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The Reference is a company that is growing fast. That is why we are looking for new talent with the ambition to grow on-the-job as well.

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To really know what it is like to work at The Reference, you should actually spend some time with our teams. Then you would quickly understand why working at The Reference is so special.

It's more than digital, it's your business
The Reference is nothing without its customers. Carglass is the car window repair and replacement specialist for whom we've built a fully responsive Sitecore website. Read more about this client.

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