The 7 C's of B2B Commerce

March 20, 2024 | Julie Synave, commerce expert at The Reference


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In the wake of the drastic global changes that occurred in 2020, adapting to the evolving digital realm has become a necessity rather than a choice. This transition to digital, while essential, does not always run smoothly. We have prepared a guide to help you navigate this landscape.

This whitepaper delves into the seven C’s of commerce - a set of key challenges that organizations inevitably face. Our expertise in B2B commerce has enabled us to help numerous prominent companies navigate their digital transition. These seven C’s serve as a strategic compass designed to guide your organization throughout this digital transformation journey.

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The 7 C's of B2B Commerce

  1. Consider
  2. Convince
  3. Change
  4. Compete
  5. Care
  6. Connect
  7. Create

Our B2B commerce expertise

With years of experience and a myriad of successful projects, we have proven our expertise in B2B commerce. We have assisted many companies, big and small, in their digital transition, providing strategic insights and building bespoke B2B commerce platforms.

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Tailored solutions

We acknowledge that each company's journey in B2B commerce and the digital landscape is unique. Hence, our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. Our goal is not just to guide you but to become your digital partner in this journey.

Discover the sea of possibilities

The first C of online success starts with contacting us. Let us embark on your journey to digital transformation together.

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