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Defining a strategy before a project ensures a smooth project development, a safe project investment and a good ROI once the digital concept is in use. 

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Why define a digital strategy?

Building a digital ecosystem is complex and requires a fairly big investment, both in resources and time. By defining a digital strategy, you are able to mitigate the risks that come with a digital project and ensure the business outcome(s) that you put forward.

Moreover, by reviewing your business models based on technological realities and making use of the opportunities associated with them, you are able to create a major advantage over your competitors

Our strategy consultants work closely together with your companies’ stakeholders and customers in doing research, co-creating digital concepts, and turning these concepts into a digital strategy.

As digital strategy has many domains and methodologies, we always tailor each strategy exercise to your specific needs and try to come up with concrete and pragmatic advice. When done right, both your organization and customers will benefit from this service.

We offer a wide range of services including

Smart strategy work before a project will ensure a smooth project development, a safe project investment, and a good return on investment once the digital concept is in use.

Frederik Taevernier, Strategy Director

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For whom is a digital strategy valuable?

A digital strategy is valuable for your company if you are planning to make a big investment and do not have a clear picture on what you want to achieve online and what technologies you should use to build your digital ecosystem.

Another approach is to put yourself in the customer's mind and ask yourself questions like 'what do my customers want to achieve online?' or 'what do I need to do to help my customers in a digital manner?'. In all these cases, a well-thought-out strategy can move you forward.

Our strategy approach

When defining a digital strategy, it comes down to a simple and proven methodology.

First, we research the digital context by running online workshops in Miro and examining the results of clickstream tools like analytics and Hotjar. Next phase is to co-create together with all relevant stakeholders and prioritize our actions in function of business value.

Once we have everything we need, we make a concrete plan to start implementing. Deliverables range from investment roadmaps to designed prototypes of digital products in a tool called Figma. The goal of this service is to create a digital user experience that reconciles your business goals with the goals of your customers


A strategy as guideline for your digital journey

The core of a digital strategy sits naturally at the very start as it will guide all future digital efforts, but that does not mean it ends there. Through a governance model in which we will regularly check strategic alignment and optimization, we make sure that the strategy stays close during the entire digital journey. 

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Why we are your strategy partner

The Reference has many years of business expertise in different domains and has an excellent reputation in the market. Our strategy consultants have been doing these kind of exercises for twenty years now and became real experts in tying our digital work directly to your business goals


Ready to talk strategy?

Looking for a partner to spar with and bring your goals into focus? We bring to the table everything we know: from proven methodologies to our personal experience. Let's go on this journey together.


These projects started with a clear digital strategy

DP World - Ship at Deurganckdok terminal

DP World

A number of factors, like traffic and weather, impact the operational efficiency of the logistics sector. Through new, future-proof digital tools, DP World wanted to improve efficiency and relieve their stakeholders of their worries.

Two people of DPG Media sitting on a yellow sofa with a dog watching something on their laptop

DPG Media

DPG Media is an international media group with operations in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Denmark. They were looking for a partner to create a new central website that prioritizes user experience, brand awareness, and employer branding.  

Aquafin image, filling a reusable bottle with tap water


Aquafin is a public limited company, appointed by the Flemish government to purify rain and soil water in the Flemish region. Through one website, they have to service six types of stakeholders by providing them with the right information.

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