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Kodak Alaris Information Management has been collaborating intensely with The Reference to map out KA-IM’s own digital transformation in the form of a new digital strategy to support the company’s repositioning. The Reference took on the challenge to help drive this transformative process and create a fully renewed global website on the powerful Sitecore Experience Platform that reflects as well as activate Kodak Alaris Information Management’s transformed identity. 
Blog Digital marketing
3 days ago
Digital channel attribution for B2B companies

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When you're working for the marketing team of a B2B company, you face specific challenges. A common challenge is how do you show the contribution of your website in a long sales cycle? Website attribution can be difficult when working with a sales team and many contact points. Another common concern is the decision on how much effort is required on social channels. Additionally, how can you determine if the emails sent are read and effective?
Blog Creation and implementation
5 days ago
Sitecore Editing Experience

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During my 6+ years as a content author using the Sitecore platform, I often get the question; how user-friendly is the content editing experience in Sitecore? We all know that Sitecore is praised for its advanced personalization and analytics capabilities, but we often forget that at its core, it is still one of the best content management systems around.
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