August 12 2019

DP World app for truck drivers now available

Terminal operator DP World Antwerp has developed a new mobile app for truck drivers to make their work at the terminal easier. The “Route 1700” app is now available in the Apple and Android app stores. The new application will promote better communication and smoother traffic flow at the terminal. In the long run, it will completely eliminate the need for truckers to carry out physical administration.

truckapp DP World Antwerp

Route 1700

In May, DP World announced that it was developing a new app for truckers. The app digitises the entire truck flow at the terminal to promote smoother traffic flow and easier processing for truckers. Over the past few months, the app has been extensively tested by truckers and fine-tuned on the basis of their input.

The initial responses were positive. “At CM Logistik, we are always looking for new, more efficient ways to manage our trucks. This app will make it much easier for our drivers and my department to improve activities at DP World,” says Richard Boerma, Transport Planning Department Manager at Westhaven.

The name of the new app, “Route 1700”, is inspired by the terminal’s quay number 1700 and also alludes to the historic American highway. The app was developed in collaboration with the full-service digital agency The Reference.

Digital administration

Every day, 2,000 trucks load or unload their containers at quay 1700, which involves a great deal of administration. At the moment, the truckers take care of this on site via the self-service desks and receive notifications by SMS. That system will continue to exist, but the app will offer some additional advantages.

Drivers can see on their smartphone what information is required, without having to leave their truck and go to a checkpoint. The route guidance takes drivers through the flow step by step. The app will also send drivers messages about disruption or peak times at the terminal, for instance.

Drivers will also receive personal information about waiting times, and will be able to give feedback. Finally, the app has a Frequently Asked Questions section.

This project shows that digital innovation pays off. The app improves both the operational processes and the end users’ customer experience.

“We want to give drivers better information by communicating openly about waiting times and situations. Sending the right information to the right people at the right time allows optimal planning of truck visits,” says Geert Maes, IT Project Manager at DP World. “By going digital, we aim to make the complete logistics run as smoothly as possible.”

“With the Route 1700 app, DP World is focusing on using a digital platform to offer additional innovative services in a sustainable manner, in consultation with the community,” says Johan Van Wyngene, CIIO at DP World Antwerp. John De Wever, spokesman for The Reference, agrees. “This project shows that digital innovation pays off. The app improves both the operational processes and the end users’ customer experience.”


Empty Depot

The product being launched today is a basic version. “In the coming months, we will be optimising a few things, such as developing different versions for new drivers and experienced drivers at our terminal,” explains Maes. Over time, we will also integrate the flow at Empty Depot Services, and drivers will be able to complete the safety training via the app in advance. We will also use the truckers’ input to develop new applications. “We have developed this app especially for truckers, and all feedback will be appreciated!”



You can download the free app from Google Play and App Store under the name Route 1700.


DP World, with its headquarters in Dubai, is one of the world's largest terminal operators, with 78 terminals across six continents. By engaging in a variety of related activities, DP World strives to be an essential link in future world trade. In Belgium, DP World operates the Antwerp Gateway terminal and its empty depot at the Deurganck dock.

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