April 9 2018

Aquafin website given a new look and feel by The Reference

The website of Aquafin, the company which is responsible for the treatment of domestic waste water in the Flemish Region and municipalities, has been given a make-over. The new website keeps local residents up to date with local sewerage works and informs technical partners about published commissions and safety regulations. At the same time, it encourages various target groups to help the company keep waterways clean and create a living environment in harmony with water. The full-service agency The Reference proved the perfect partner to tackle Aquafin's redesign.

“From a functional point of view, we now have a website which satisfies our high expectations. We are also very pleased with the design and are receiving many positive reactions about this. The website is a work in progress, but even now that our attention is increasingly shifting from expansion to the realisation of strategic goals, The Reference remains a partner with a clear vision for us.” Valerie Lievens, Head of Communication at Aquafin

A complete transformation 

After a thorough analysis and several strategic workshops, a clear strategy for transforming Aquafin's wishes into reality was drawn up. The website underwent a complete transformation in which content and experience go hand in hand. Visitors are immersed in Aquafin's vision and mission right from the home page.

New website on Drupal 8

Alongside the design and basic structure of the new website, the biggest challenge ultimately lay in implementing the huge amount of data which Aquafin processes on a daily basis relating to the expansion of sewers, water treatment plants, pumping stations etc. The development team at The Reference created a user-friendly display with the focus on user experience.

An interface with the government's GIPOD system was required, which is what made the project so complex. From GIPOD, projects are automatically created in the content management system (CMS) Drupal. Within this CMS, Aquafin can easily supplement the content of a project with relevant information about the project in question. Aquafin's new website was built using Drupal 8.

Splash award

The Aquafin project has been nominated for The Splash Awards 2018, an annual event where the best Drupal projects get nominated and awarded in several categories. The Reference is honoured to take home the award for best website in the category government.


About Aquafin

In Flanders, Aquafin is responsible for the financing, expansion and operation of the supramunicipal sanitation infrastructure. It also offers the same services to the Flemish municipalities. At the same time, the company works to create a living environment which is in harmony with water. This means clean water in the public space, making it pleasant to live and relax by the water once again. It also involves adopting a sustainable approach to rainwater, with a view to preventing the soil from drying out and reducing the risk of flooding.

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