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Our brand manuals can help your company to make choices concerning communication with a creative, and strategic foundation. 

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What is brand & concept?

Many of our clients come to the realization that they have never really looked beyond their logo, colors, and typography. Branding is more than just that. It is also about the creative, strategic, content of your brand.

Our brand manuals not only help companies with their brand and concepts, but also in making choices around communication with a creative, and strategic foundation. If someone asked us what the short description of this service would be, we would say that we build, develop, and design a consistent and coherent way to creatively fulfil the customer journey of the end client

In the past, creative services such as brand & concept was primarily aimed at B2C companies, while B2B was often left behind.  

Nowadays, we are moving more and more toward a B2P (business-to-people) approach, where we see business customers not as mere organizations but more as individual people.

Exactly for this reason, it is interesting for all types of companies to think about their brand & concepts.

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Why is this service valuable?

Both your company and the user can benefit from this service. By having a solid  brand experience you will be able to express yourself in a more distinct way while also making the user feel more comfortable with your company and have a more positive relationship with your brand.

Moreover, it also benefits the company itself. By thinking of your brand and concepts, you build a strong employer brand and create a consistent language of communication. This, in turn, has advantages for the marketing department as it will be easier to bring out all kinds of communication when there is a story to fall back on.

Brand & concept are time-sensitive services. As companies evolve, your brand and concepts need to evolve with you.

Ivo Blomme, Creative Director

Our brand & concept approach

For our branding service, we start by doing workshops together with the client to extract information from them. Sometimes in addition to an inside-out, we also do an outside-in information gathering where we go and talk to the end consumer to ask them how they perceive the branding. From there we do some deskwork and start setting up a brand house framework which is the basis for everything you will and can do with your brand. We always build in feedback moments with the client to make sure we are going in the right direction.

Once there is validation on the brand house framework, we start working on the creative execution, which could be the logo, the slogan, the colorsystem, etc. to finally arrive at a brand manual. This can be seen as a kind of bible of your brand and specifies how the brand is put together both creatively, strategically, and visually. On top of that, collaterals can be developed that define how the brand will behave in print, digital ads, web etc. 

For the brand concepts and creative campaign concepts, our approach is a bit different. In this case, we work closely together with our marketing consultants, allowing us to merge creativity with performance. Based on the insights we gathered, we come up with a concept that we coordinate with the client. Once the client has approved this, we start working it out on the different carriers. 

Why we are the best partner for brand & concept?

There are several reasons to choose us as your partner for brand & concept. We not only have a lot of experience in both B2C and B2B, we also work very closely together with our clients and really dare to look at things with a creative and strategic eye. 

Besides, the brand & concept service in our company is very intertwined with other services, which allows us to use each others' insights and coordinate everything nicely. 

Take a look at a few of our best brand & concept cases

Hudson branding in streets


Hudson is a Belgium-based full-service HR consultancy. They wanted to re-establish themselves as the preferred full-service HR partner in the region. For this, Hudson needed to adopt their own recognizable identity that reflects the level of quality they deliver. 

DPG Media HQ

DPG Media

DPG Media launched a brand-new corporate website that centralizes its Belgian and Dutch brands and activities in a clear way. 

DELA mother kissing her daughter on the cheek


DELA is a funeral insurance broker that also offers care and support for the next of kin through activities like funeral services. Through digital, they wanted to raise awareness for this type of insurance, as well as for the other services they offer.

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