Digital becomes a more important service channel for consumers day after day. This is no different for the clients of insurance suppliers. DELA implemented digital in their business in 2010 as an important channel and part of their mission: provide anyone with the funeral they deserve and make sure that the relatives and friends that are left behind get the help and advice they need at that particularly difficult moment.

The challenge

The partnership between Delta and The Reference began in 2009. Together we specifically worked on their strategic goal to enter digital in their day-to-day business model. The aim was to offer sufficient information online about what they do and what moves them, but also get going on e-commerce. Measurability and ROI were central to the whole story, because logically tangible results would justify further investment in digital development.


The solution

The central idea in DELA's online presence is it's ecosystem. In addition to the corporate website we developed specific websites that each answer another need:

  • as an online book of condolences.
  • for the safe storage and release of online documents, passwords and other sensitive information.
  •, a comprehensive online information channel about death.
  • where you can calculate insurance premiums and can order a funeral insurance.
  • a separate presence for the broker network.
  • specific pages for funeral services providers (funeral homes and counselors).

  Dela One

The objectives of DELA are versatile, and not only commercial. Measurability of the entire ecosystem is central. At monthly meetings, we evaluate and adjust the performance of all online channels (websites, but also social media, AdWords, YouTube, ...), and we can optimize the ecosystem consequently, always again on the basis of DELA's business objectives.

We have built the various DELA websites on the high performance Sitecore platform, because Sitecore's reliability, versatility and robustness have been demonstrated time after time.

New corporate website in 2016


In 2016, the website has been given a complete overhaul, aligning it even more closely with the organization’s fundamental values and core mission.

The new website serves as a central hub. In addition to existing services, additional (digital) services will be rolled out and offered at and through the online customer area MijnDELA. What’s more, DELA will communicate its message in a new way. With human interest stories that are published on the website, DELA will give advice on funeral related burdens and how to alleviate them and support the deceased’s relatives.

Sitecore continues to be the underlying technical platform. The state-of-the-art experience platform has proven its worth with the previous DELA website, as well as all other websites in the DELA ecosystem. The site is built on a modular template system which has been optimised for mobile platforms. As a result, the website can keep evolving with a never-before-seen flexibility.

Tools such as premium calculations and other acquisition tools have been rethought in line with the new strategy and integrated into the Selligent platform. The marketing automation team at The Reference has further optimised and integrated the conversion and contact flows into Selligent.


More than 75 years of experience in the funeral business makes DELA the specialist in its field. Their aim is to offer anyone an affordable funeral (or cremation) and to make sure that the people that are left behind get all the help and advice they need during the difficult period of the loss of a loved one. DELA is active in Belgium since 1989 offering funeral insurances. Their almost 800 employees also help out (in their own funeral homes) before, with burial arrangements, but also during and after the funeral.


Although we can not give exact figures for obvious reasons, the evolution over the years can only be described as extremely positive.


 Dela grafiek

Proof of all this:

  • A continuing online marketing succes with a growing number of visitors, a better Google ranking, declining ad costs, elevated conversion rates and a lower cost-per-lead. 
  • Further investments in building better customer relations.
  • Personalized services (e.g. for football fans).
  • More integration into all digital business processes. 

  • The continuous cooperation between The Reference and DELA has really paid off over the last years and also as bright outlook for the future. An updated digital mission statement is being synced with their long-term business goals to make the digital transformation complete.


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