October 24 2016

DELA launches new corporate website in collaboration with The Reference

Ghent, 24/10/2016 – Funeral specialist DELA feels that everyone deserves a dignified funeral and aims to help alleviate the financial, practical and administrative burden on the deceased’s relatives. This vision is at the heart of all services offered by the organisation. Years of collaboration between DELA and digital first agency The Reference (DELA’s digital partner since 2010) have once again produced an interesting result. The website has been given a complete overhaul, aligning it even more closely with the organisation’s fundamental values and core mission.

Website DELA 

The new website serves as a central hub. In addition to existing services, additional (digital) services will be rolled out and offered at and through the online customer area MijnDELA. What’s more, DELA will communicate its message in a new way. With human interest stories that are published on the website, DELA will give advice on funeral related burdens and how to alleviate them and support the deceased’s relatives.

Together with The Reference, DELA’s strategic goals, which gave rise to the new website and the development of additional digital ‘care and support services’, were translated into a digital strategy, starting with the digital vision and mission. The website is a major part of this strategy and was developed step by step in accordance with it. The Reference drew up a new information architecture, created the design and defined the content strategy. The agency was also responsible for the copywriting, the translations into French and SEO.

Sitecore continues to be the underlying technical platform. The state-of-the-art experience platform has proven its worth with the previous DELA website, as well as all other websites in the DELA ecosystem. The site is built on a modular template system which has been optimised for mobile platforms. As a result, the website can keep evolving with a never-before-seen flexibility.

Tools such as premium calculations and other acquisition tools have been rethought in line with the new strategy and integrated into the Selligent platform. The marketing automation team at The Reference has further optimised and integrated the conversion and contact flows into Selligent. The services of the webmasters of The Reference On-Site were also called on in the run-up to the website going live to help accelerate the content input.

Since the launch of the new site, extensive online tracking, KPI frameworks and dashboards allow for results to be monitored more and more efficiently. This way, the Reference helps DELA achieve its mission and alleviate funeral related burdens.

We are very happy with the end result of the new website. The passion, commitment, perseverance and wide range of expertise of the team at The Reference confirms that they are the right digital partner for us, now and in the future; a partner who can support us from digital strategy to implementation and further optimisation of our services.

An Van Sande – Corporate Marketer DELA
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