How we created a food lovers app in 3 days using Generative AI

August 21, 2023 | Thomas De Vos, Innovation Strategist


"The six of us are going to build a new brand and app from scratch in the next 3 days".

With those words we started our first meeting on Monday morning.

You can imagine how this provoked some surprised facial expressions with my colleagues. And yet, we did it. We did it without brand strategists, marketers, content editors, topic experts, photographers, ...

We did it with the help of Generative AI! 

Day 1 - Setting the Stage

With an empty whiteboard before us, we started brainstorming for a concept that would captivate our imaginations. Our idea: a fictional young company that sells premium, sustainably cultivated ingredients, inspiring clients to whip up culinary masterpieces.

The question arose—should we focus on a web or mobile app presence? Considering the cooking setting, an app felt like the perfect companion for aspiring chefs.

After brainstorming with ChatGPT, our company was given the name "Finest Flavours."

With a name in place, it was time to add some flavour to the brand identity. We designed a house style atmosphere using Midjourney and crafted a logo that captured the essence of culinary excellence.

Just like that, our idea was starting to come to life.

Next, we delved into the technical aspect, making sure "Finest Flavours" could leverage their existing tech stack in a MACH, headless CMS, and Composable setting. For text and image generation, we opted for OpenAI ChatGPT and Dall-E as foundation models. 

By the end of the day, we had a clear blueprint of our journey. Ready for the next step.

Day 2 - The magic of Generative AI

Today was all about the magic of generative AI and prompt engineering. We asked ChatGPT to whip up some food-related themes like ‘Meat Lovers’, ‘Healthy and Light’, ‘Vegan’ and more.

Next, we created a side bar widget in the Contentful headless CMS. This enabled us to generate content directly within the CMS fields. We applied this to the list of ingredients first, enriching the existing data with generated information like usage patterns, cultural context, and alternatives.

But of course, a feast is not complete without visuals. We whipped up image assets of the raw ingredients and, to our surprise, Dall-E's generated images worked like culinary wonders.

Next on the menu were the recipes. With our tool, you could simply select three base ingredients and a specific theme like "Healthy and Light" and a delicious recipe will be generated on the spot. 

But there is more. To add some personalization, you could also choose the number of people the recipe has to serve and explore optional topics like cooking time, kid-friendly alternatives, total cost, and matching drinks.

Day 3 - Crafting the User Experience

On the final day, we turned our focus to the front-end, crafting a delightful mobile app for ‘Finest Flavours’. ChatGPT was at it again, creating an intuitive information architecture, guiding us like a culinary GPS.

Wireframes were designed while our AI companion ChatGPT mapped our content themes to quirky personas like the "Carnivore Connoisseur," "Plant-Powered Paladin," and "Pressed for Thyme " (food puns were of course a must).

Drawing inspiration from Midjourney's designs, we cooked up a personalized Flutter app, displaying relevant dishes and ingredients based on the selected persona and generative content.

By the end of the day, our personalized mobile app was ready, complete with an "Enlighten Me" feature. With this feature, users could select two dishes and provide decision criteria like dietary preferences, cooking time, and the presence of kids. Generative AI would then serve up the perfect dish and explain why it's a match made in culinary heaven.


From the humble beginnings of a whiteboard to an innovative, AI-powered mobile app, our journey of creating the "Finest Flavours" app was a testament to the immense possibilities of generative AI. Yes, we needed human curation, but the power and potential of AI shone through. Above all, it was a testament to how innovative solutions could be achieved in a surprisingly short time.

This was just the beginning. We are ready for more.

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