Brand-new website underscores DPG Media’s international character

June 7, 2022 | Lazlo Cootmans

Together with The Reference, DPG Media launched a brand-new corporate website that centralizes its Belgian and Dutch brands and activities in a clear way. While the new website underscores the international characteristics of the media group, its design and technology choices emphasize the successful media group’s progressive vision.

Until recently, anyone looking to advertise on DPG Media's channels (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, sites, apps, and podcasts), or seeking a job at the media group had to visit one of its local websites. Together with The Reference, the media group rooted in Belgium developed an online platform that logically merges their Belgian and Dutch departments. The result is one accessible website where all visitors can easily find relevant information.

DPG Website all platforms

Composable technology architecture

DPG Media resolutely opts for digital innovation with a composable technology architecture. Such an architecture brings together various applications and lets them work together like a single platform tailored to the organization’s requirements.

In this, a central role is reserved for the headless CMS Contentful, which centralizes content in a hub for use on various digital channels. We connected this to the Salesforce applications Sales Cloud and Pardot for managing leads and marketing automation campaigns. On the front-end side, we opted for Next.js.

Unified environment

With this new technology approach, DPG Media unlocks a wide range of benefits. The future-oriented aspect of a composable technology architecture is completely in line with the leading character of the company. This way, the media group can relatively quickly integrate new technologies into their stack or replace them based on current needs. At the same time, colleagues in marketing, sales, and HR in both Belgium and the Netherlands can now work in one unified digital environment.

DPG Media mobile website

Attractive design

While this new platform allows the different departments within the group to work together in a more integrated way, The Reference also created a design on the visitors' side that fits in seamlessly with the leading image of the international media group.

The new design of the corporate website goes hand in hand with a well-thought-out user experience that helps every visitor to quickly find relevant information.

Quickly responding to changes in the market

"This new corporate website allows our local offices in Belgium and the Netherlands to present a clear and accurate picture of our organization and brands together," says Nathalie Thilleman, DPG Media’s manager corporate & internal communication.

"Thanks to the future-oriented approach proposed by The Reference with a composable technology architecture, we now enjoy a future-proof platform that not only looks good for the visitor, but also allows us to quickly respond to changes associated with our ambition as an innovative media group."

The new DPG Media website is live and can be visited at

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