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A composable website for Sibelco

Sibelco is a global material solutions company focused on mining and selling industrial minerals at locations worldwide.

As Sibelco set out the guidelines for a new business strategy, the need arose for a digital platform that could support them in bringing their international clients closer to their product offering and solutions. Through a composable platform, Sibelco is now able to quickly respond to changing customer needs and market changes.

Composable technology architecture

The new business strategy of Sibelco called for a new approach to digital. After a discovery track, we concluded that the organization would benefit greatly from the flexibility and future-proof character of a composable technology architecture.

This composable platform allows Sibelco to connect existing tools within the organization to their new website. It also allows them to adapt this technology mix quickly to changing customer needs and evolutions in the market.

With this composable architecture we have created a robust foundation at Sibelco on which we can further build our digital future.

Tim Weekes, VP Communications at Sibelco

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MACH-compliant technology stack

To get the full benefits of a composable technology architecture, we opted for a MACH-compliant stack. MACH stands for Micro-services, API-driven, Cloud-based and Headless.

Kontent by Kentico plays a key role in this setup as the headless CMS of choice, while Next.js is utilized for the front-end side of the website. We have also integrated Bynder, which enables Sibelco to manage digital asset through one centralized platform. Because it is important that this new website makes Sibelco’s product offering and solutions more accessible to customers, we have opted for the powerful search functionalities of Algolia.

Efficient approach to content

The new platform also required a rethinking of the content Sibelco wanted to offer on their website. Supported by a content strategist, Sibelco was able to create a clearly structured content approach that allows them to quickly prepare this content for the new website and upload it in the CMS. Together, we were able to optimize the flow of editing existing entries, creating new content and getting it live.

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A solid foundation

Tim Weekes, VP Communications at Sibelco sees great value in the new technology architecture we have created: “With this composable architecture provided by The Reference, we have created a robust foundation at Sibelco on which we can further build our digital future. We will continue to optimize the new website and investigate further integration possibilities with other systems and additional languages as required.”

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